CSA demands leave me with £3 per month to feed my babies

February 9, 2013

I have been split from my ex for 7 years now got 2 children i have my daughter and my son rcently went to live with his dad. In all the years we have been split i recieved £2.50 because he is on benefits. I have 2 children living with me at home i work part time and my baby goes to nursery which many of you know haw expensive the fees can be.

Csa will not acknowledge that i have fees to pay bills plus a mortgage to pay to keep my home, i get told that i will have to sell my house which i think is disgusting, they are making a mum of 2 homeless. After my payment each week i am left enough to pay my mortgage which then leaves me with £3 pm to feed my babies and to pay my bills. What planet are these people from.

They have refused my appeal because i didnt put dates on it but i said over the phone that was a totally diffeent matter, they just dont listen. I was told to contact my local mp, he is the only one that can help, so i did but to be honest its going rather slowly. In the meantime how the hell can i afford to live. I have read some of the cases outhtere and pleased to see i am not the only one with problems so i am looking for people outhere who are willing to stand upto csa and fight.

Please contact your local mp and tel them you want something done about it, you want the criteria changed, you should be able then email your mp of the reasons why. I am already doing so as i speak but i need people with me on this. I am just 1 in 1000 and they wont listen to just one person. I will do whatever it takes signatures, paper news anything to beat them.

If you like you can email me on [email protected] We can do this together.

Thanks for reading


  • carol says:

    Hi Cazcol…is the csa taking from you for your son that went to live with your dad?

    Can you see how these scum cripple people financially. Unfortunately theyre on our planet.

    Can you and your ex just not close cases with the csa? Or have I misunderstood here?

  • Alice says:

    If I am reading the original post correctly there are Cazcol has 2 children, 1 of which is the child of her ex, she also has a 3rd child who has recently gone to live with his father.

    This means both Cazcol and her ex are both PWC’s and NRP’s for 1 child each. As the ex is on benefits his assessment will be £5 per week – as Cazcol has been receiving £2.50 this would indicate that her ex has another case with another PWC.
    Cazcol (as an NRP) will be liable for CM for her son who is living with her ex – as she is working her assessment will be based on her income less an allowance for the children living in her household.

    @ Cazcol – is there any chance that you and your ex could agree to both close your CSA cases and come to a private agreement about maintenance?

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