CSA demands 10 years worth of receipts to prove I have paid

May 17, 2011

I have not heard from the CSA foe nearly 10 years until recently, and now they are trying to put me in debt by wanting me to pay back £10000.00 of which i have been in my daughters life for over that and some.

I explained that i have provided for my daughter with school uniforms and computers and i am still supporting her now even though she is coming up 19 in July.

They said prove you have been supporting her by giving them 10 years worth of receipts for eveything i have bought, i said who keeps 10 years worth of receipts.

And before i knew it they stated (Hastings office) that if you pay £5000 now and i can pay the rest over 2 years because that is the maximum time i have to pay back even though i mentioned i havent heard of them for 10 years and i thought everything was ok as i have been providing.

Do you know what the woman said next apart from just pay £5000 now as if i had that in my back pocket or something, she said it isn’t our fault Mr Davies you couldn’t be bothered to bring your daughter up all these years, i have to say i have never been so speechless in all of my life, you can imagine swear words were coming to mind to express how i felt about this person, but she isn’t the only one at that office to speak like that they all are.

Cheers for listening Mark.


  • KMcQ80 says:

    And this is why you should never ever throw away any paperwork including receipts until your child is at least 21.
    By the way your responsibility for your child is until they start work or until the end of the academic year if in full time education.
    In your case it will end on 31st August 2011.
    So if your child is in full time education and is 19 on the 1st September you will continue to pay until the end of the academic year on 31st August of the following year.

  • A. White says:

    They told me lies on the phone once, regarding paying for my daughter(16) as she was with the mother.
    The lie was ANY money i paid for my daughter would be offset against any they deemed I should pay when the had decided. All my ex needed to do was state that the money I had paid towards my daughter had not been paid.

    I have never been asked to provide receipts and they refuse to deal with my complaints. (incidentally the money was to feed her school lunches as wife refused, and also buy clothes as ex-wife refused to buy any). Ex wife meanwhile refused to put any money forward for the two children I am fully resident parent for, the CSA seem to chase me for money and not her. Is this really sexism at play?

    Finally, they have threatened to contact my employer, and have done so, even though my complaint is still not settled. My employer is not happy about how it paints me, and i expect to be fired fairly soon as a result of this… great i will be a single parent without a job, attributable to CSA’s interference and basically their lying telephone staff, trying to keep their own “success rate” high enough to keep their jobs…. disgraceful.

    Rant over, and advice, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK, because when it gets to court – you will need it.

  • joanne shier says:

    Children aren’t tax returns and csa are fine ones to talk when they don’t keep accurate records either. Go to your mp and also request a copy of your data file and see what info they have on you. Csa biggest shambles ever, they help no-one but themselves, also make a complaint with how the staff speak to you, you are also a client of there’s and demand decent customer service. Good luck

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