CSA demanding three times what they should via DEO

August 11, 2012

Hello all, I dare say that I`m one of hundreds to vent my anger and frustration here but a trouble shared and all that………:) I have recently received a letter from our friends at the CSA for a DOE from my employer South Wales Fire Service for the some of £604/month for one child.

I have used the “on site” calculator and a figure of £203/month is given!!!

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction as to get this assessed? i have asked the CSA but they say once an assessment is made it cant be changed……..

Many thanks


  • Louise Brown says:

    The only thing I can think of is that they are collecting 40% to pay off arrears owing. However £604 a month would indicate your normal 15% is £226 and not £203 a month. They are not allowed to take more than 40% of your earnings so you can dispute this if they are. You should of received an intitial calculation letter stating your net weekly income and the 15% deductions that need to be paid and the date in which this should have started from. Do you work overtime or get a bonus? This may have been taken into account and averaged over the year. You also should of had the CSA tried to call you on seperate occasions and a letter sent to you giving 7 days to give bank details or the DEO would be put in place. If you have never had any contact from the CSA at all and not had opportunity to provide proof of earnings etc then obviously they are in the wrong and you need to send them payslips for reassessment, but considering they know your employer, it is highly possible they may have got your last years payslips direct from them. And an assessment can be changed if there is a reason for it. I would also consider writing to your MP or looking at http://www.nasca.co.uk as they are good at getting things sorted out with the CSA. If it is due to arrears however and they have previously been in contact with you as they should have, then you are pretty much stuck with it. You may be able to negotiate the arrears down so it is spread out for longer or if you could pay off a chunk of the arrears that would also help. Your employer can only take 40% of your wages so if you are earning less they cannot take the amount the CSA wants, but you may need to keep an eye on this as some pay roll staff dont bother to change anything.

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