CSA demanding money for child I have never heard of

October 6, 2011

Well i thought now my son was 18 i would be CSA free not had nothing from for 8 YEARS till last week. And two letters saying need to pay £2700 arrears one for my son and one for a girl i had not got a clue who she was. Well if you see the wifes face when she see the letters. Even i did not know i had a girl..

Anyway the arrears was from 1995/2003, 8 years ago.

It tells me to pay now so called them and got this on the first call,you need to pay the arrears in full for both children. I said i know one of them but not the other who is she?,he said i do not know you need to speak to the case office but as it was a Saturday shes not in i will get her to call you Monday.

Must sat Monday come and just after 9am she called and asked if i was going to pay by credit or debit. I said hold on why after all this time are you asking for payment?.  And who is this girl you say i have?

She said new Goverment so you need to pay arrears and sorry that was not for you that letter about the girl.

I just could not think why she was so blunt with me after telling me in a letter i had one more child out there and next thing just said that letter was not for you.

Next thing she said so how you going to pay then this £2700,i said i cant as i only earn the same money now as i did ten years ago and you said then i did not need to pay anything as my wage was to low.

But same thing new Government you need to pay so will give you 2 years to pay it at £113 p/m

There so wrong all this time they never wanted it back and 8 years past and they want it back and want it back in two years.

So anyone out there been though this? Can they take this from me after all these years? And what do you think about them telling me in a letter i had another child and when i called they said wrong letter was sent thats not yours and no sorry…

Just need to get out of UK for good before the Government takes the lot.


  • Vic says:

    Sorry Friend, you are now in the sights of the collection arm of the CSA, the rights and wrongs of your case are irrelevant, as the CSA act beyond both UK and European law, your civil and human rights and basic human decency in pursuit of their collection targets. What they do is calculate a debt based upon a fictional income that you once may have had or just plain invent it and then upon the WORD of a mother that hates and wants to destroy you pursue you like a criminal, irrespective of how damaging your ex spouse is to bringing up children, as they often are with their mad,angry, lackadaisical Oh I am a Victim ego centered views. Typically there obese, sad acts, dependent on benefits that you fucked without recourse to reason decades ago and now you are the only way way to supplement their benefits in later life.

    Basically pay the money if they agree to close the account. Otherwise prepare to deal with thick shabby horror non persons who do a horrible nasty job either because they are sub normal, desperate for money or unemployable in normal society or ALL 3 WITH THE CSA monsters.

  • John says:

    Eloquently put~Vic.

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