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CSA demanded 3k in 3 months!

I have been paying voluntarily for my 2 children through CSA for 9 years. 3 years ago they did a review and said I owed another £3000; fair enough, I asked to pay over 12 months; they said no, I would have to pay over 3 months and they took it leaving me almost bankrupt and without food for a while.

My youngest turned 19yrs in Feb 2012, so I called every 2 weeks to stop payments, but they just kept saying they would have to investigate.

Finally in August 2012 they agreed payments should have stopped in Feb 2012, but because th emother never reported it, they kept taking payments. I questioned this as they have my childrens Date of birth on their system – it’s a glitch apparently!

Once it was agreed payments should have stopped, they were and said it would take 3 weeks to confirm any or if a refund was due. I cancelled my direct debit just in case. I even got a letter confirming liability had ended Feb 2012.

After 3 weeks, no news on refund, so I called: the case was still being looked into, I called every 2 weeks and was told the same “being looked into and will take 2-3 weeks…………..

November 2012 I was finally told they were now working on cases from September 2012; HOLD ON!mine was from August……. oh sorry sir, we’ll have to have a look………. oh sorry, the case worker went off sick and yours was forgotten about…… eventually got a letter dated 27 November confirming amount of refund and I should recieve shorlty…….
14 december rang again – it will take 2-3 weeks – hold on again, I was told that last time – yes, but sir the system says it’s being dealt with, please call after christmas.

2nd January 2013, called again, “we are only on skeleton staff so can’t help, but we’ll log a call back before end of play on 3rd January………….. no call.

Called again today, 4th Jan, system has a fault and your payment isn’t due for release until later in 2013: a fault, we’ll have to look into it ………

Really fed up with this now and even though they admit I am due well over £1000, I’m still waitng, but when the other way round they took it straight away.

I have asked who I can complain to and they just say it doesn’t matter who I speak to they will only be able to tell me what is on the system……. is there someone I can call to get this resolved please?

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  1. No, you will not get a refund, just write it off to experience and maladministration. Payments made to PWC whether in error or nor, will NOT be reclaimed. At least you no longer have to pay. Just suck it up.

  2. Write a letter of complaint and see your mp. At Debs, if you had money owed to you would you just write it off and suck it up especially if it was taken by fault of others? Why should the CSA get away from making mistakes and not being challenged when they are in the wrong. Its theft and they are liable to pay it back.

  3. I have overpayment that they owe to me. Have I got? Will I get it? Hopefully, but truly, will I? NO. Contact ICE after 15 days if you don’t get resolution after exhausting CSA complaints process. Will you get resolution from ICE? Probably not any time soon if at all. I can answer you more specifically about the process but am truly trying to manage expectations and your sanity.

  4. I should just add little more here… why would the CSA be in a rush to repay? They are not, because you will be sending yourself insane trying to recover and they need not do much. If they repay you, they will have to chase the pwc to recover. Now that means they would have to do something. Now which option do you think they would take? Hmmmmm.

    By the way, are you aware that the CSA has CCJs against them!!! Fantastic piece of information to have. If you can muster up some cash to take them to court for non payment (if you have the evidence which THEY need to send you), you will only just add to the CCJs they already have and it means nothing to them. Perhaps “Alice” the CSA worker who posts on here, might like to add “her” insight.

  5. If CCJs are still on the CSA’s credit file (yes they are a profit making company registered at Companies House) that means they have not been satisfied in full within a month of the order. If you then can muster up some more cash to take them to court to get a LO, god forbid ……and so the whole process goes.

    So in response Oliver, go through the complaints process, escalate to ICE and good luck but heed that it will be exhausting, debilitatingly stressful and no guarantee of success. Take care.

  6. @ Debs – Alice only replies to ‘selected’ posts on this website so I wouldn’t hold my breath lol lol…

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