CSA demand money because ex won’t let me see my daughter

November 7, 2011

I have a nine year old daughter and since I split with my ex I have always paid CSA and tried to have the best relationship with my daughter as possible.

Since my ex started a new family with her new partner 8 years ago, I have been denied having a relationship with my daughter as I am no longer seen as the “father” just the person who pays CSA every month.

I have been to family court for the last few years, who agree with me that she is in the wrong to stop me from seeing my daughter, but nothing has changed. I still don’t see my daughter at all, despite my begging. And to top things off she has changed her surname to her new husbands surname with out my permission. When I took this to court – again I was told she was in the wrong but he surname remains in her step fathers name.

Now I have received a letter from the CSA to say I have to pay £280 a month because I no longer have contact with my daughter – how can this be right when I am trying to see my daughter but out of spite my ex wont let me.

Her new husband has taken over my role as a father and unoffically adopted her. I have given up with Family Court because they have not helped me at all depsite the claims that she is in the wrong. What can I do now?


  • Bob says:

    Hi Tom,

    Please go to: http://www.dadtalk.co.uk and visit the Forums. Posting on there will have some help.

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