CSA delaying over paying back money I am owed

September 11, 2010

Very, very similar to everyone else’s story with the same lies and constant, repetitive CSA spin from CSA staff about processes and timescales. CSA owe me monies from September 2009 and I am still trying to get it back. Keep giving me different timescales and excuses. One of them even admitted they owed me the money and calculated how much.

That was four months ago BUT apparently it still is being processed through different case workers who you aren’t allowed to talk to. This is all on top of one of them illegally contacting me at my work, several of them refusing to tell me who they are or my partner when they phone my house, one senior manager knowing little about the system of higher education in Scotland in relation to CSA liability and the connections to Child Benefit for the ‘resident parent’ (had to tell them how this worked), a refusal to acknowledge that my child lived with me exactly 50 per cent of his time, the organisation continuing to take monies from my wages for months despite already acknowledging that I had no payments to make, an admission that they had lost my details completely at one point ‘in the system’, taking four months to carry out child benefit checks again, again and again which I was informed by one worker only takes a matter of days, a refusal to allow me to speak to anyone in authority to register my disgust at the ‘games’ the CSA plays with people who have been honest and up front with them from day one.

Interesting that they have the power to contact your employer, freeze your wages and take money from you all in the space of about a week and yet it is taking them the guts of a year to pay back what they owe to me, which they wouldn’t have had to if they were efficient in the first place. Thinking of involving my MSP and the police (surely it is illegal to with-hold owed monies like this?!!)


  • Brokenfather says:

    Instigate a County Court claim against them for what they owe.

    The CSA has been given powers to arrest earnings that quite simply they are not responsible enough to have …..

  • Paul Fielding says:

    they must be the most incompetent bunch of assholes on the planet .My wife went from owing nothing to her ex ,who left her in debt some 15 years ago ,to having a DOE of 450 quid last month !!!.and he gets away with owing nothing ,when we got paperwork from these goons saying he owes 1300 quid!!. Were is the sense in that

  • Paula Halsey says:

    They should be prosecuted, ontop of their maladministration they will threaten, blackmail and argue with you, law less bunch of incompetance.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I would involve the Police in the matter as reasonable suspicion and any other illegal activities, ie, harrasment!!

  • Vicky Guest says:

    I am waiting after 7calls to the CSA for alast payment that hasnt been made!It should have been with me about amonth ago and yet the csa failed to pick up on this and now i have to contiune to wait,they are ajoke!My husbands daughter is 17 she should get off her arse and get ajob and pay her own way in life like everyone else has to,i wont be grudge paying for her but i will till she is 19!

  • Paula Halsey says:

    They dont pick up missed payments. I deliberately did not tell them i had not recieved a payment collected by a doe order, just to see how long it took. THIRTEEN MONTHS, till they noticed!! then they collected £1,43 in Feb, which will mean my son will be 55years old by the time the debt is paid and my ex will be 88 years old. I wont hold my breath.

  • Vicky Guest says:

    oh my god thats crazy the sooner they close the csa the better,they were created to rip off the honest and let the sods go that dont.piss take majorly 🙁

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    They were actually created to get proper NRPs to pay maintenance. What I call 'deadbeats'. Of course, due to loopholes..mainly through the self-employed route, this hasn't happened.Their major 'success stories' are collecting more & more from NRPs who were already paying, and will continue to do so. The CSA should NEVER have allowed claims from PWCs who were already receiving through a private arrangement.

  • Emma Louise Walton says:

    My ex proved by dna testing that his first girlfriends children were not his and the CSA owed his £50, that was a year ago and he is still waiting for it.. if the shoe was on the other foot the CSA would have him in court. I have told him to take them to the "small claims court" for a laugh..

  • Jason Wallace says:

    @Emma – not a bad idea. They CSA have enough CCJs for non-payment against them that another would be good

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