CSA defends dads and lets them off paying

December 20, 2011

Well where do i start im a single mother of 2 kids who are now 12 and 13 years old.

None of them have paid a single penny, my eldest son’s dad really cant call them that but tight bastards! As eldest sons one offered to pay £5.00 when he has 3 different ni numbers and owns a taxi firm also the younger ones owns a plumbing business and has 4 kids or more?

Both were illegal and now have both british kids. I’m struggling as the younger ones only started to pay about a year ago. it started £50 per week now whittled down to £25 a week im fed up, im not working and am going through depression have lost my dad who was a dad to both and my mum has been there.its ridiculous how the csa work my son had to have dna test done even for the younger one even though he knew it was his son! and after doing the paternity it was confirmed he is for my younger son and funny hes had change of circumstances even though i have proof from the courts and csa have written to me as he will be paying £41.00 every week until end of 2012 its a joke basically i was told nomatter what anyone says because hes still paying they cant tell him to pay more!im a british citizen nowonder these people laugh the british system is a bloody scam. ive had enough they get away with it my kids are suffering. In america and brazil you get jailed for not paying and they backdate it.

Do they not realise how much it cost to raise two kids? I need anyones feedback as my kids and me are the victims here.


  • bob says:

    There’s a moral then. Pick who you sleep with more carefully. Statistically non-british fathers are much less likely to pay

  • Karl Garrett says:

    CSA defend dads.. are you having a laugh? – I get raped for nearly 800 a month, to the point where I can’t afford to see my boys…. but thats fair I suppose!!!.

    I’m having to throw myself into unemployment, just so that i can bring the figure down to a more reasonable level, but again ,this must be the CSA being 2nice to me”!

    If they (ex dads) don’t help, then they are scum, but don’t ever say the CSA defends dads.. the CSA slaughter & cause dads to commit suicide, or are you conviently ignoring this fact?

  • shama says:

    just to reply to you all bob yr an idiot, i had a forced arrange marriage first time and i was drugged and forced to get pregnant and second time around i ran from him because he would have killed me and my other son so the other guy shelter me but that was my fault to get pregnant but if you contribute yr sperm a woman shouldnt have to do alone!!!!!!

  • joanne says:

    Why on earth do you want to chase a man that’s dangerous to you and your kids? I was a single mum to an ex who was extremely abusive and violent, csa had a hard job tracking him as he’s a hopper so I closed my case for my own sanity. I never struggled as a single mum, sorry but I didn’t, I now struggle as a partner to an nrp,and I can tell you csa do not let him off for a second, even on false arrears which the mp is in the process of fighting. We are having to prove he was a provider, which luckily we have….its not fair that csa don’t chase the guys it was solely set up for and to be honest can’t see what you want the csa to do if your children’s fathers have no intent on paying…I was told mine to expensive to chase…that’s his fault not the csa or other nrps who are paying for their offspring.

  • Terry norris says:

    CSA defend dads…pmsl…you are sooooo out of touch and WRONG
    As one guy put it “we get shafted” by them and the bloody mothers who use the kids as a means to get cash …money cows is what you use the kids for.
    As one lady said…why are you chasing a no good twat for money if he’s dangerous.
    Go out and get a f*****ing job and stop relying on others to keep you.
    I’m screwed by my ex who walked out on me and took my 3 yr old daughter with her whom I never see now,I was a good husband and father and the bitch couldn’t he give me an explanation why ?
    And all I get as a kick in the teeth is the bitch getting these dogs called the CSA onto me .now I have a ball and chain round my leg called the CSA for yrs.these fucks rob me of £320 every month for one child whom I never see.and her mother won’t even give me her address so I can send my kid a birthday card.so you think that CSA let’s fathers get away with it….you stupid woman

  • janet says:

    I read every post on here and cringe in this recession every one struggles whether your a single mum or partner of a nrp! I cannot understand why it is always the pwc fault that the men have to support the children at the end of day don’t the parent both want to ensure the children are brought up not wanting for nothing at this time of year think of your children not how bad your finances are I am a pwc and a partner of a nrp we pay up and yes its a lot but them children don’t deserve to suffer just remember there is always someone worse off than you

  • shama says:

    to joanne, terry and janet you are a bunch of idiots whether im working or not none of your business or the absent bastard dads either your a bunch idiots with no brains!men that dont support their own kids ive been doing alone by the way!!!!!!my parents did as well.but mostly me and its bollocks that single parents dont struggle as your either stinking rich or have been looked after. those men should be taken for every penny. and shot personally!!!in any other country they backdate and jail them. as for the women who left the messages in this post your a disgrace to your kids and to women out there that are great mothers and do everything for their kids so you lot keepyour rubbish comments to yrself and also those men that dont pay are greedy selfish cocks that have no balls like yrself terry and anyone else and you can all go and commit suicide as you are not with the normal.

  • shama says:

    and also csa are crap they are too blame they stick wth the idiot dads!!!!!!!!!!!!!you lot dont read english or understand it and are simply not educated this is whats wrong with this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • janet says:

    Excuse me obviously you did not read my post!! How dare you use that tone I was defending you god help ur children with a mother like you!

  • janet says:

    Also the comment on suicide is disgusting! You shouldn’t be allowed to comment that on here

  • Kirsty says:

    I am a single mother with care. I get £11 a week for my son from his dad. If I am lucky that is. Yesterday I received £11.08 for a month! I work full time and pay a childminder as well as self funding my entire life with no help. Does thast make me a rubbish parent, that I actually cannot be bothered chasing my ex for more money?When my son turns 18, I can turn round to him and proudly say I did it with no help from his father? Lesson learned with my ex, be very careful who you sleep with. I should have known better as I knew he was bad with his other two kids, but then by that point it was too late and I was expecting. The only good thing he has ever done is be a sperm donor as since that point he has done nothing else but sit on a sofa and play computer games, even while I was pregnant and working full time, I was the only financial provider and I ended up feeding and clothing his other two kids, so why should a third child make any difference to him?!
    I understand arranged marriages with situations you can’t avoid and yes it is an awful thing to have to go through, but at the end of the day, you should stand up and make yourself count and not rely on anyone else to help you cos the kids won’t thank you for it. Your children’s fathers are obviously a waste of space, so give up and focus your energy on something more positive rather than anger as your children will see it and that will do them more harm than good.

    Good luck!

  • joanne says:

    You cheeky cow….I work my ass off for my kids, on my own with no help, its called budgeting and I was defending you. My ex was very violent, so for that reason do not want his bloody money to keep a hold and I managed it alone, do not insult me. You can’t make the other parent pay end of! And I’m a good parent as are the guys above I’m sure, you don’t know me, or them to be so damn ignorant, and can assure you I have much intelligence. You are a very angry person, its not mine, janets or terrys fault that you have a issue at your exes and with your attitude why the csa are reluctant to help you. If you don’t like the feedback don’t post on a public forum, you tied men with the same brush and that’s wrong end of!

  • joanne says:

    And not educated….re read what you write! Your post says you never received a penny, then the next line says it was 50.00 that dwindled down to 25.00!…and your calling us idiots? You want some advice, get help with your issues and people might be more empathetic.

  • CSA are Cunts says:

    Shama I think maybe you should be the one to commit suicide your children will be better off not having to put up with a horrible woman like yourself – if you do not like it here then why don’t you fuck off out of this country to somewhere where you can have your ex’s jailed – women like you should be steriized it is you who is the idiot. I get fleeced £816 every month by the CSA/CMEC even though I was already paying for my children the CSA are a bunch of incompetent fraudulent tossers who have to create fictitious arrears to collect the money – I strongly suggest you you do a bit of research about the CSA you horrible bitter and twisted wretch!

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