CSA deductions have left me demoralised

May 4, 2014

I have three young children who live with their Mother. I didn’t want to divorce. I now earn less than 15k per year. I pay approximately 260 pounds per months.

After the CSA payment I take home around 800 pounds per month. My rent is 500 pounds per month (I’ve had to sell my house). That leaves me with 300 pounds to feed, clothe myself, pay my bills and feed my children when they visit every other weekend.

How can I survive? It’s impossible and I’m progressing further and further into debt.

My ex’s new partner is self employed, lives in a four bedroom house worth 200k, drives a new car and has a company vehicle but he doesn’t pay a penny to his ex wife for his two children. How can this be fair?

I want to work but where’s the incentive. I feel so demoralised.


  • Cheryl says:

    Join the club, my partner is in the same boat, if he wasn’t with me and with my income he would be up the preverbial creek. I really feel for you!!!

  • gonk says:

    This is a classic example of the csa and how it treats nrp’s they don’t care about you or how you will live.

  • jo says:

    Kev, read the post again…..it’s an nrp who’s ex is living with someone who is self employed and pays zilch yet he pays to top up their lifestyle whilst in poverty!

    To the op, I would question your assessment if you think it is wrong. 3 children it’s 25% of your earnings less any overnight stays your children have with you. If it’s wrong write a letter of complaint and see your mp.

  • Howard says:

    Thanks Jo. Yes, Kev has misunderstood my post. I’ve asked the CSA to recalculate but it appears correct. It’s the fact that I earn so little that’s the problem. My fault I know. I used to earn twice as much but my ex wanted her own business so I obliged and in didn’t go to plan. Then she left. Jobs are hard to find but at least I choose to work rather than claim benefits.

    25% is the basic rate for 3 children. This applies to anyone earning between 200 & 800 pounds per week after tax. That’s a huge range. I earn just over 200 pounds so I pay the same as someone at the other end of the scale!

    I’m not looking for sympathy. I agree I should pay for my children. But how can I do that if I can’t look after myself? The CSA assessment criteria is massively flawed. Thanks for all your suggestions. H.

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