CSA deductions are legalised theft

November 12, 2010

I have 2 children to my ex wife. In February this year she kicked our son out and he came to live with me in March. In April I phoned the CSA to tell them the change in circumstance and was told to phone them back when I had the child benefit for him in my name. I did this in May. Several phone calls and letters later in July I was told they finally contacted her on the 1st(July).

Apparently the case had been lay around in Barnsley office with nobody taking responsibility for it. The very day she got a letter to say she was liable to pay from July 1st she took our son back. From February I had been paying my ex £90 EVERY WEEK on the csa’s advice and did not receive a penny off my ex.

Now the csa have closed the case and im having a fight to try and get my money back. As far as Im concerned its theft. From February to July I was paying £90 to the non resedential parent?!


  • Brokenfather says:

    Who receives the CB only becomes a deciding factor if the care of the child is equal. It is not a prerequisit to being able to claim you are the PWC.

  • Jim Rigley says:

    Solicitor up, demand a judicial review of the child act (1991) and point out is biast and doesnt work.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Have you kept paying? If so, why? Do your own calculations and write to them (do not phone), with a copy to your MP, and demand the back payments immediately. If you are paying by DEO, then make an application to your local Magistrates Court to have the DEO set aside.

  • Garry Roe says:

    Every single penny the CSA take from anyone without their permission is LEGALISED THEFT ….. :-/

  • Jem Pogue says:

    These animals have NO SHAME and NO MORALS with absolutely NO INTELLIGANCE !They are murdering child abusing twats and NOW is the time to destroy this abhorrence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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