CSA decision has left me confused

November 3, 2014

We Asked my partners ex to go via csa after she stopped here from staying and coming. To r wedding.until then she was paid weekly with extra for uniforms,trips,clothes toys etc when needed.

We have two children of r own and my partner is now self employed we have received two letters from csa stating he was earnin 4 times more then her was makin per week he had to pay a really high amount. so he rang them discussed everything.they worked out his earnings.no mention of ctc.

We made a payment and setup a direct debit to receive another letter 3 weeks on for the higher amount when he called they said nothing had been set up they wanted paper work which he sent.we then got another two letters for another amount and a threat of court for a payment outstanding he called them again they said to ignore both letters sent in error then to.night we got a call asking for payment now saying.g they r taking.g my children’s ctc in to account to his earnings im co.fused .

We dnt get wtc only what my sonera gets towards nursery they said they r taking.g someone see how they can when that not his income is for r children and her mum gets her own wtc and ctc he’s given them everything they have asked for but now they want this to what is correct we said we wud speak to citizens advice they just said no point we no everything we r right dnt c how that cann be can anyone.e help?


  • hannah says:

    They said they can and have had that have checked i am working so said we have money coming into the house.we only get mo.ey towards my sons nursey of ctc we dnt get anything self i work part time i dnt see how any of this is far.they said they no the law if we refuse we will b taken to court.it has put us in financal difficulty now and we told the that and they dnt take i fully understand he has a responsabiliy but she stopped us from seeing his child so we asked her to go tho csa until then we paid direct.we havent refused anything now we cant see his child still as her mum wants more money more then what she was previouly getting and i bought what she needed onto.so we r bei.g screwd from both sides and after everythi.g we stil ai.t able to have his daughter we cant afford court!y do ppl not put children first anymore he has been an active parent in her life since day one now money means more and everyones happy to but ppl i debit because of it.she has never gone with out but we r now in a position where i cud lose my job i cant cover my nursery fees thanks to all this shes not my child! Things like this cause more broken familys whats wrong with the world!

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