CSA cut my money

August 24, 2011

The CSA paid me a measly £28 a week from my ex partners £500 a week NHS job. They contacted me in June to say that I had been underpaid and that he should be paying £33 per week. I had experience of their inefficiency and so thought no more of it. However since that letter they have CUT my money by £14!!!

When I phoned to complain they say ‘THE SYSTEM’ shows an overpayment…when it is actually an underpayment and they are deducting it from my money. when I pointed out the obvious mistake they tell me there is nothing they can do to correct the error until a case worker has time to investigate it. I asked for a timescale on which I received the reply that there were hundreds of cases waiting for investigation before mine so i’m looking at months at least. they were disgusting enough to say that they dont have designated people to answer their calls and that by me phoning them I was actually holding up the work being done by case workers!!!

As a result of this crap my daughter and i are living in poverty. there is noone i can turn to and they wont let me come to see them in person as it is a ‘closed office’….no wonder. ..they would get beaten to a pulp if i got my hands on them. cowardly incompetent people who deprive children of their fair keep.


  • karen bedford says:

    sorry to hear that, unfortunately this sort of thing happens too often.

    please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for advice and support.

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