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CSA contact me out of the blue to demand more money

I have paid all the child maintanance that the Child support agency set out for me from 2006 up until 2011, when my son was twenty years old.Now six years later they have contacted me again and they now say that i owe over £4,000 in arrears.I got demand payments today asking that i pay £115 a week.There is no way i can pay this as i have just got things up and running again including my new re-mortgage.I am hoping to appeal this as i think this is outrageous,Even the bloke at the CAB was getting angry as well.

One thought on “CSA contact me out of the blue to demand more money

  1. All these cases seem the same as mine, who can we complain to?

    Can we set up a group to lobby the govenment to get this sorted, the CSA are so poorly run and cause misery to a lot of honest Fathers, it’s very discriminitive against Fathers!!

    It’s about time we stood up to the CSA rather than spending hours on phone calls and getting nowhere and then getting a letter out of the blue demanding money.

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