CSA contact me after 11 years to inform me of money I must pay

September 16, 2012

Last letter I received was in 2001 when I was informed I had to pay NIL maintance for my child as I had other children and earnt low income. I have just received a letter to say i owe nearly 3 grand from dec 2005 and they have put a stop on my wages for 178.00 a month for the next 14 months. I had no idea I had to pay anything in 2006 as I had not received any communication.

The CSA say a letter was sent 9.1.06 and they rang me on 10.1.06 to asses me, I did not receive either of these. When i spoke to CSA today they said in 2009 someone had tried to ring my home but got no answer and that is the only correspondence I have had since 2001 now in 2012 I am informed 12 days previous to the first payment coming out of my account that I owe nearly 3 grand.

Surely this cannot be right. I cannot afford this money, why has it taken them sooooo long to bring it to light. Can they do this, they have no idea of my situation this has all been done without any contact to me.


  • chall says:

    ray linsdell,

    You need to establish why your assessment was increased from NIL in 2001.

    Has your income increased?

    Were further case/s opened against you with the CSA?

    Was the PWC involved in further cases opened with the CSA?

    Has your case migrated from old rules to new rules?

    Are all the calculations made by the CSA based on correct information OR has a penalty/default assessment been applied?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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