CSA confusion

March 20, 2012

My husband has two children from a previous relationship, his ex moved them 80 miles away and made it very difficult for him to see them. I came along at a bad time for him, his buisness failed and he had no income for two years. I helped him out by paying almost 100 pounds every month in fuel costs to enable him to see his children, I have provided for him and his children while they have been with me. Thankfully my husband now has a job, all be it minimum wage.

The CSA have claimed that he has a case open with them from 2004, however he and his ex both had another child since then after getting together for a while. I am really frustrated that the CSA refuse to treat his as a new case and have demanded to know my salary. I believe that my salary has nothing to do with his ex or his children (a new claim would not demand this information). I have children of my own who have had to do without so his children get to spend time with him. There is no way on gods earth that I will pay that woman a penny of my salary. Her quality of life had she of stayed with my husband would never of taken into account a strangers salary, why should it now.

Also, I am currently undergoing a claim of my own which is taking for ever to sort out. Maybe I should just give the CSA my ex’s details and he can pay her direct – cutting out the middleman. he takes as much home as me and my partner do. Surely if they want to take into account my salary, they should take into accout my husbands exs new partners salary too.


  • chall says:

    Quote Louise; The CSA have claimed that he has a case open with them from 2004

    Cases opened before 03/03/03 can include the NRP OH in the calculation. After that date the calculation is based on the NRP’s income.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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