CSA Complaints Department?

August 3, 2011

A new website has launched today that offers people the chance to complain about things such as shoddy service, poor quality products and generally being ripped off. Guess what? The CSA is listed on their website, so you can visit the CSA Complaints page and leave your complaints about the Child Support Agency.

We imagine this website will grow quite strong, so be sure to get in early and let everyone know what you think of the CSA, and why.

The website can be found here www.complaintsdepartment.org, and the page for the Child Support Agency can be found here.


  • John says:

    Comments posted!

  • joanne shier says:

    Just added my comment and rated them on a minus I might add!

  • hayley poole says:

    for eighteen months now my ex partner mark costello, has not being paying, the correct amount of csa. out of these 18 months i have had to wait 3 lots of 12 week breck down, and some of these were takeing up to 18 to 19 weeks, on several accasssions i have had to be the one that has to phone up and check, only to be told one stroy, that it is getting sorted, and then phoneing up again and to be told that i should,t have be told that, at one point i was told that the deduction of earrings was going through, then to phone up to check i was told no that u were not going down that route as would,t benifisal mark costello. mark costello is meant to pay £275 a mounth and has only been paying £219 since january 2011. well i do understand that u have presidures to follow waiting this long is digusting, I have sent 2 complaints letters in and was after the 2nd one i was told, that they did not feel that it was a complaint so did,t send to the complaints department. They gave me untill the 28th of decenber to say the breck down would be done, and we are now on the 3rd of january and still nuffin has been done, i was told many times that i was on a 5 day call back and most of them times i had to chace them back up, only to be told that i would have to wait anther 48 hours, but never did receive a call back. Mark costello up to may 2011 owed £i014.53, so i don,t know what would be now, I was told back in july that this was going to enforcement, as u have sent all the letters to mark costello and u have had know responce at all. As you can see i am not very happy with this situation of being told one thing then anther. The 12 weeks is now up for the breck down i had to wait for but then again i,m still waiting. Last months payment also got held for know resson, as i phoned up after the 5 days of payment being with csa, only to be told it was being held but did,t know why? and she would get relised that day, I lata phoned up to see if it has been relised only to be told that i should,t have been told that and it takes 48 hours, so yet again i was being told i had to wait. It was only later on that i spoke to a suprivisor and he looked and said that it should,t have been held and got relised the very next day. I am not happy with the way i have been treated by the csa, and when trying to write n a complaint find out that it may not go to the complaints department if the person don,t see it needs to. i wish this matter to be looked into straight away and for all staff to be looked at on what they say. my national insurance number is jb656685 b, please get back to me on this look forward to hearing from you

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