CSA complaint sent to ombudsman

March 11, 2010

I am writing this letter in the hope that it finds the correct person, someone who can take a third party perspective and ensure CSA meet their responsibilities.

I have broken this down into two components (My Case) and (My Complaint) I contacted the CSA agency and was refused assistance, so this method at least leaves a paper trail.

My Case………….
Due to an excess payment plan arranged between myself and the CSA I have now caught up with my CSA arrear payment obligations and am now at a stage where excess payments will now pay the late payment penalty accrued over the last 15 years of around $4000. The initial deal I made with the CSA was to make the excess payments, catch up on arrears and CSA would wipe the penalty amount, No strings attached that was the deal!

Well, that time has now arrived and CSA should honour their side of the agreement!
I called today on the 09/03/2010 to fulfil this agreement with the CSA.

My complaint…….
On the 09/03/2010 I contacted the CSA office, my call was received by a woman case officer.

I politely requested to speak with a male case worker and explained that I feel more comfortable discussing my child support obligations with a male.

I was at first refused and the woman case worker seemed to take offense to my request! I was then informed by the woman case worker that I would need to be placed in a queue and would need to keep requesting a male case worker until one answered!

I was then submitted to a queue, where I waited on hold for quite some time until a male case worker finally answered, who I now know as Joshua! Before I could speak to Joshua, when he answered the line he already knew who I was as he didn’t ask for credentials or a case number- Joshua in a rude manner stated that he was not allowed to discuss any issues in regards to my CSA case and that all correspondence should be dealt with via mail. When I asked why I had not been notified of this fact, Joshua reiterated that he and or any CSA case worker were not allowed to discuss any CSA matters with me and that all correspondence was to be pursued via mail.

Joshua then hung up on me!

I was shocked, listening to the dead dial tone on the phone. Joshua had obviously spoken to the lady case worker and had decided to answer the phone and make his statement and hang up! This was obviously an attempt to directly agitate me and had been planned before he answered me off hold.

I called back straight away, I ended up speaking with a lady case worker; initially I requested to speak with a supervisor/manager as I was very upset. The lady I spoke with was very professional and I soon felt relief in dealing with her (I unfortunately did not get her name). I explained my frustration in the manner that the case workers had handled my request and explained that I wanted to report the case worker who just hung up on me.

I was given his name (Joshua) I request that if the conversation was recorded, the recording be listened to, as Joshua’s manner was unnecessary and aimed at invoking a retaliative response.

In the past 15 years I have had some unacceptable dealings with the CSA office! The long constant exposure to some case workers who are manipulative and vindictive in their roles, In my opinion only leads to parent’s frustration, which eventually stops negotiation and compliance.

Due to the fact that CSA would call my phone on weekends and up to the hours of 7pm I requested that CSA no longer call, and that all correspondence should be by mail.

I am sure Joshua will try to state that because I requested correspondence in this manner, he was justified in his direct approach of non compliance when dealing with me over the phone. However this is just another manipulation game played by another CSA worker who gets their kicks out of patronising their clients.

Today’s example of CSA case workers abusing their rights only adds to the ongoing torment I have endured from CSA, not long ago, confidential mail sent by the CSA intended for me containing pay information, spouse and children information was sent to my ex, who kindly redirected the mail to my address.

When I requested an explanation as to how my confidential information was sent to the wrong address? I was informed that there had been an admin error! Strange as I had never even lived at the address where my mail had been sent to!

If another government agency released confidential information such as medical history, criminal record etc.. they would be held accountable! It seems that the CSA are allowed to get away with almost anything!

I am so far past the point of being able to deal with anyone related to the CSA! I just ask that my letter be kept on file and that someone ensures my agreement with CSA is honoured!




  • Karen Bedford says:

    Good Luck but the problem I found with the Ombudsman is that they also only have limited powers on only certain issues so again another ‘organisation’ you think if you go to they will sort the mess out and I so hope it does help for you, but unfortunately it didnt for me.


    ive had this problem for months my ex husband has been paying foy nine years i havent recieved it for five months ive been told that many stories one cheeky frigger told him they would put a payment in that day while i was listening in just to get him off the phone until i got on the line and had murder with them i think theyre a gang of cheeky whatevers and most of them are children i speak to a lot younger than myself they are all a load of ####.

  • Craig says:

    the CSA staff are as much use as a bastard on fathers day, arrogant and cocky I am quite sure they would not be so smug if they were face to face with the people who they have been gobby with. It is getting to a point where the people who the CSA have abused have had enough of their shite it is only a matter of time before people retaliate, the CSA staff should be very concerned.

  • lynda jones says:

    the CSA have again contacted my son about arrears that he paid off last year they now want proof that he has paid this money. are they totally incompitent in the accounts dept. there is a need for a complete overhaul of the CSA and auditors need to be sent in there to check their accounts dept as there is something really wrong with this dept.. is there anyone out there who is able to help get this in motion please

  • anthony murray says:

    my case with these arseholes is as frustrating as ever its been ongoing since 1995 initially i made cash payments to my ex which i didnt get any form of proof stupid me but i was trying to be amicable with her & not rock a already unsteady boat as i wanted to see my son also,this was fine untill they became involved,over the years i accrued arreas due to mostly maladministration on their behalf in excess of £9500,00 i by them in was phoned in early 07 informing me that i must pay back these arreas within two years by deduction of earnings,i kicked up a fuss asking how & why but never really got a answer so they went ahead and started taking the arrears aug 09 comes and the arreas are finished according to payment schedule set up by the agency,all is well so i think only regular maintanence to pay,no such luck march 10 i get a phonecall saying im in arreas but wouldnt give me a total although asked for a payment which refused to make as i belived arreas were payed,this time not taking it lying down & beliving i was right i appealed the decision eventually fond that arrears were again in excess of 9 grand numoros leters back & forth i eventually get a meeting with a representative at home a face to face they call it,she came to explain how,why &where these amount s came from &if i still was unhappy with this i could try a tribunual hearing during this time they conducted a full audit on this account and noticed many mistakes made during this time & readjusted arrears to £5500 which ive had to pay,back to tribunual,i got a date & after three hearings the judge agreed that i had made these cash payments ive always said i made but csa wouldnt accept as ex denied ,(during this time id also aske & recived all paperwork regarding this case from csa £10)amongst this paper work is a compter print of a phone call to my ex where it APPERAS she is advised to say she never recieved any monies,judge gives csa a chance to collect any further evidence and set a 2nd hearing date which when it came they hadnt done what was asked & in her own words “was told to keep her nose out of business that wasnt hers (arreas) needless to say that got her back up as they also hadnt attemted to gane any further evidence,bearing in mind all i had was a large pile of paper work,a third hearing date was set very unusuall i was told my ex was given the oppotunity to come to all hearings but didnt further proving to me & the judge she was lying about this money,so third hearing came no ex csa rep was face to face rep who id seen a few times since this had started outcome judge agreed in my favor payment totalled £9500 this was feb 12,result you’d expect no approaching may 12 now & after many phone calls to them asking & telling them i had no arreas with them on this case they are still taking arreas of me,phone call from them on the 26/4/12 they have come to a decison after a third audit they have manged to find another £2000 bringing total arrears to over 7 grand the monies deducted from hearing means they owe me just over two thousand which i cant understand where they have found this money when earlier audit was less, still in limbo & unsure of what direction to take now can anyone help

  • Nikola Gail says:

    You think you have it bad. My partners ex works in one of the csa departments, not only is she taking him for every penny he has but she is also making it impossible for me to get any money out of my ex.

    But I can not prove this so hey ho 12 years of being skint 3 more to go

    I even got a job in 2005 because money was so tight, when I worked out my money, his ex was financially better off for me working than I was so I gave up my job to save my sanity, I was close to a nervous breakdown.

    The csa can do what ever they want to somebody and there is sod all you can do about it!!!

  • Jake says:

    I’m not going to speak of my troubles with CSA, as there are to many and I don’t want to bore anyone with them, all I want to do is try and make a difference. There seem to be so many people with issues with CSA, we must have a voice?! Please keep your eyes open on this site and any other related sites, I will be taking this a lot further and would appreciate all of your help. Thanks to all, and we will make a difference, together!

  • Jake says:


    Just a start, please help me to make a difference and be heard!


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