CSA/CMS keep inventing fictitious arrears to get more money from me

February 4, 2019

I am self employed with earnings that fluctuate year to year and have my son who is now 11yrs old. My son stays with me throughout school holidays on a 50% basis for example in the six weeks I have my son week 1&2 mother 3&4 again me week 5 and mother week 6 and I have him every other weekend Thursday night to Monday night.

So consequently with how school holidays dates fall means I could have my child more time than the mother does over a three week basis. Which then effects time I can work and earn.

The mother and then at the time CSA cannot comprehend the reflected earnings I can make as a result. After going to tribunals on at least 3 times over approximately 3 yrs, the CSA continued to invent arrears to the point I nearly lost my home until an upper tribunal intervening, with kind help from Nacsa Constantly from this point they have still been harassing me, this been going on since my sons age of 2-3yrs. The result to myself being constantly depressed and frustrated.

My latest episode after making overpayments as to stop going to court back in Easter 2018 of £1137 yet my calculations they tell me are £7 per week. Now I have been contacted by my bank with a CSA regular sum deduction order and was not notified until after the first payment was taken,also with a weekly charge from the bank of £10 each time,are fathers just seen as 2nd class citizens and where is equality in this scenario.

I have contacted the agency on why they have set up an order for £29.88 per week,and not £7 as she told in our conversation that I was to pay, guess what that word again I quote Maureen at the CMS “it must be arrears”. I then explained if you have had £1137 in Easter and now claiming I owe £280 but yet i am meant to pay £7 a week,this does not add up.

This is continuous and really what the CSA /CMS is doing is theft why are they not accountable for their actions and who can they be reported too.


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  1. David Joseph on February 5th, 2019 11:22 am

    Hi Dean

    I was sorry to read about your dilemma. It’s hard, I know.

    Yours is quite a complex case, bearing in mind you have attended Tribunal a number of times. A Tribunal hearing does not necessarily guarantee you success unless you understand the law and how to present your case effectively. It does seem that you are being shafted by the authority – they will get money out of you by any means necessary and will circumvent the law to get it.

    Never try to deal with the CSA/CMS on your own. As you have discovered, it will usually destroy your health and peace of mind. I have seen it too many times. You need professional advice always. I know you said NACSA has been of some assistance to you.

    I am a special lawyer in every aspect of child support law for over 12 years. If you would like me to take a look at your case then I would be happy to help. My contact details: [email protected]


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