CSA claims they have not received my statements

November 23, 2012

Myself and my ex wife agreed a payment between each other over our daughter £30 a week (Cash) over the past 8 years but for the last year I have sent this via bank transfer, since September this year CSA have started taking £117 a week from my wages. When I have done overtime at work CSA have taken £200 a week!! I started to ask why this was. They said I owe £15.000.

They have asked to send statements from the bank to prove payments so they can access me. I have sent hard copies and faxes, so far I have sent 3 lots of statements through the post and as yet the CSA apparently haven’t received the copies but in fact I tracked one of the copies and it arrived on the 10/10/12. Yet they still say they haven’t received any statements.

It’s becoming beyond a joke how the CSA can say they haven’t received my statements as I have proof of receipt. If this carries on I will have to give up my job as I can’t afford to keep the payments up. I will lose my home, job and be on the doll. This is making me ill and my stress levels are through the roof.


  • Carol says:

    It is ridiculous really. You have done what you should by sending mail recorded delivery of some kind which someone should sign for.

    Write a formal letter of complaint to the Agency and also get your MP involved. Once your MP is involved you will have one contact within the Agency which makes things much easier.

  • chall says:

    As above.
    Along with your complaint enclose a copy of the tracking confirmation.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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