CSA claims stable performance to the end of a year

May 13, 2011

The Child support Agency had a stable end to the financial year, finishing with another successful quarter, according to its most recent press release.

Most statistics had a positive increase that will help the Child Support Agency take a step in the right direction. According to the release from the CSA, in the year to March:

“a total of £1,150 million was collected or arranged by the Agency – up from £1,146m in the year to December 2010. A total of 867,800 children are currently benefiting from payments, up by 26,000 on the previous quarter. 77.6% of parents who were expected to make payments did so within the quarter, up from 75.8% in the previous quarter.”

The success is being pinned on the harsher measures that are being taken out against people that have refused to pay anything in the last three months. The Agency has started to increase its use of deduction orders from wages and bank accounts and has taken more possession action against houses. The CSA has also asked the courts to jail or disqualify from driving more parents who are refusing to pay maintenance costs.

These figures, claims the CSA, show that the CSA is trying to work hard to achieve more for children despite the struggles that they have faced within the changes of the economy. It is an encouraging step towards working with the coalition government’s plans for child maintenance reforms.

According to Child Maintenance Commissioner Stephen Geraghty:

“I am pleased the Government has confirmed that the two Child Support Agency schemes will be replaced by the single future statutory child maintenance scheme which we in the Commission have been developing for the past two year says”


  • John says:

    £3.7 billion pounds remains uncollected! They repeatedly target those who pay, whilst there are some who have not paid, and will never pay!

    That is discrimination, and proves that the legislation is flawed and the system is not fit for purpose!

    The European Court of Human rights should rule on the shambles known as CSA/CMEC. Shut it down and make it return all the money stolen from its’ victims.

    How can it be ‘fair and just’, that some pay and some do not?

  • I know John, it’s disgusting. The CSA works like any other aspect of society, those who do not pay are subsidised by those who do.

    It’s like car insurance, our premiums are higher because of people who don’t pay. With taxes, we pay to fund those who don’t work. With the CSA, those who do pay, pay more to fund those who don’t pay – and the CSA doesn’t care less.

  • John says:

    Michael. It is for me to make financial arrangements for my children. NOT a Civil servant, NOT an executive and NOT a politician.

    My ex has had a large settlement in divorce. I have paid tax and NI contributions for 35 years. Why am I being asked to pay into the system on top of what I have all ready paid?

    I hope that some time in the future the European courts hear a case and declare that the UK government has acted with discrimination against those who are paying and have paid………and those who have not paid, and will NEVER pay!

    CSA/CMEC is a shambles and not fit for purpose!

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