CSA claims I am in arrears when I had no idea

June 6, 2011

In around july 2009 i received a letter from the csa saying i owed them £3324 this i found very confusing. I was paying my ex £120 a month voluntary through direct debit and never missed apayment. I contacted the csa and they said my ex had contacted the csa about 8 months ago saying she was unhappy with the payments she was recieving from me through direct debit. However she continued to keep accepting the £120 a month without saying anything to myself.

To make matters worse the csa contacted my employers without my knowing asking for payslips from 6 months previous this they did but didnt bother to tell me (nice firm).doing their calculations they said i had to pay £124 a week and this payment should have started 6 months ago. How can you run up arrears without knowing?

They wouldnt even take into account the money i was paying and reduce the arrears.happy ending i packed in work and now she dosent get a penny bit drastic but just shows being greedy and getting the csa involved isnt always the best option .


  • John says:

    I was forced into the same predicament. Yhere was absolutely no point in me carrying on working, because the more I earned, the more I would have to give my ex. Whats the point. Do these idiots at the CSA think that we are going to work our socks off to fill their accounts?

    Regarding arrears, that is what is so wrong with this shambles! You do not know what you are going to get hit with next. You cannot make any financial plans, as this lot will scupper them!

    I got stitched up with £6,400 worth of debt because of these incompetent oafs. I think that they make it up as they go along. I have no proof whatsoever, that I owe this money. I appealed and my case was dismissed. I was told by the CSA employed adjudicator ” I have no jurisdiction regarding arrears”. How convenient!

    A bent and corrupt system, that is aimed at criminalising and persecuting non resident parents, as punishment for not having access to their children!

    Politicians and Executives of this’ not fit for purpose’, ‘shambles’, should be in the dock at the Hague, with Mladic!

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