CSA claim I’m in arrears but I think I’ve overpaid

November 2, 2017

CSA where do i start?

I have received my letter stating mt case will be closed 29/09/2017 my employer has not been informed, i have had a letter stating i have arrears of £68 until further notice, I have called them twice today with 2 different stories but cant inform me of the arrears, I had arrears which i am paying currently but checked the amount and it looks like i have overpaid them. I have asked for a full statement but again brushed off with cant see anything on the system, I want to start an arrangement with my ex but cant as I don’t know when the payments will stop. anybody have any ideas as i am trying to start a complaints procedure with no joy??


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi John

    You need to write to the office dealing with your matter in the first instance. The letter should be addressed to the Complaints Department.

    Please be aware that although your file is being closed down by the CSA, your ex-partner would still be entitled to apply for child support under the new system – the CMS. If you children have already reached the age of 20 and not on Child Benefits, then no claim can be made under the CMS scheme.

    If there are any arrears, these too will be transferred to the CMS and they will in turn take enforcement action against you.

    All the best

  • Tock says:

    You need to put it in a writings first to them request for statement from the date you start paying to the last one. Also request the total of the arrears from start.
    Check how much you earning in total years before Tax if you still with CSA Gross Income 15% (After Tax with CMS Net Income 12% )
    Request for the last and final day you are paying.
    Payment should be stop if Child reached 21 Year Old or in Full Time Employment eg. Over 16 hours doesn’t matter what age there’s are.

    Make sure all this is recorded delivery.
    Give them 14 Days to reply.

    If they refused you are request there is the independent investigation can look in to you case for you but you will have to take the first steps.

    Make sure the payments is made by Bank Transfer or Standing Orders.

    Do not pay for a child holidays or clothing.
    You are only responsible for paying for Maintenance.

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