CSA claim I never told them I had stopped working

March 7, 2010

I had a phone call today saying i owe another six grand csa from feb 2008 and i explained to them that ive been out of work since then due to ill health and dont get any benefits or income as my wife claims working tax and i look after my step daugther. i did inform them that i had stopped working but suprise suprise they have no record of that and are insinsting i still owe 6000. my wife already pays arears to them for a period i missed pre 2008 and if we get sadled with another bill we will be stuffed. what can i do?



  • chall says:

    Hi dean,

    Did you inform the agency by letter, phone OR email?

    It may be worth requesting your Data Protection file, there is a template letter at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk (your also welcome in the form) the agency now charge £10 for this, do not send cash, its amazing what can show up.

    When corresponding with the agency always keep copies and send signed for.

  • Andrew Ellis says:

    I got my Data Protection file towards the end of last year. There was a specific document which I know very well has been sent to the CSA, and I needed a copy of it. It would have been rather useful to me in proving criminal activities on the PWC’s part. I don’t want to get her banged up for a criminal offence – but I do need to get some recognition of the fact that she is given to dishonesty. It would help my case in many ways. No, it wasn’t in the file. So I’m not sure what I do about that…

    However, I did notice in the file, the letters I had sent to CSA all have the ‘Received [+ Date]’ stamp on them, and those I had sent by Recorded Delivery are also stamped ‘Recorded’. Now why would they need to make such a mark on letters they’ve received? Call me cynical, but I wouldn’t mind betting it’s so that they know which letters they can deny receiving.

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