CSA claim I didn’t tell them about my redundancy

December 12, 2011

About 2 years ago i was made redundant from barratts housebuilders.

Before the csa became involved i gave my ex £75 per week for our 2 children.After turning up several times,paid her the money then having the door slammed in my face,saying i could not see the children i told her that if she wanted any money she would have to go through the csa from now on.

The csa looked at my earnings and decided i had to pay £40 per week.Fair enough.After working for four years i was made redundant.I signed on the dole and continually helped with the kids however i could. 6 months later i get a phone call from the csa asking why i had not paid any maintenance for the last 6 months.

“I was made redundant 6 months ago” i told them.”You never told us”the csa replied”so you are still liable for the 6 months of payments so now owe £2640.”

So it doesnt matter that i was made redundant. It doesnt matter that i was signing on the dole. It doesnt matter that i still gave the kids what i could. It doesnt matter that that the csa took 6 months to contact me. Now i am being taken to court for the £2640. The only thing that matters to the csa is that i didnt tell them i had been made redundant….Would i have done this on purpose to allow myself to get in arrears????


  • janet says:

    Did you get a reduntancy pay out

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