CSA claim I didn’t pay when I pay via Direct Debit

September 22, 2012

I received a call from the CSA stating that they did not receive my August payment. Knowing that my payment is by direct debit I enquire how that is possible. CSA blame the bank or me for the cancellation which I did not do. After enquiring with the bank it turns out that the cancellation was done by CSA who also tried to set up another direct debit under DWP but was unable to collect August direct debit.

CSA then asked if I can make a card payment for the month of August which I did. He then went on to explain that there was another problem with my account. Apparently since November 2011 payment was made for only one child instead of two and as usual he could not explain the reason why. Since taking up the direct debit option payment for both children was always taken as one payment of £558.85 per month up to October 2011. For some reason which he could not explained the November direct debit was reduced to £462.16 followed by a further reduction to £289.91 in December up to August 2012.

Bearing in mind that up to October 2011 my payment was up to date the reduction in their direct debit to £462.16 in November equates to a reduction of 558.85-462.16 =£96.69. A further reduction in direct debit to £289.91 per month from December 2011 to August 2012 will equate to reduction of £558.85-£289.91=£268.94 per month. Over the eleven months period the total shortfall will be (£268.94 x 10) +96.69=£2786.09 Bearing in mind my payments for both children was taken by direct debit I received a letter from CSA stating that they have not received a payment of £3480.00 for one child and another payment of £733.64 for another and I must called them to discussed the reason why I missed this payment.

I called the CSA and asked to speak to the centre manager however I was told that I need to speak to the team lead first, which I did. She promised to send me a schedule of my payment which she will also have to look at because she could not understand what was happening. I was still waiting for the schedule after one week when I received a called from CSA from a disrespectful little geek saying that I am in arrears of £4210 and I need to make a card payment.

I tried to explain to him that I am still waiting for a breakdown of my schedule of payment as promised by his line manager but he was not interested. In fact he went on to threaten me on the option available to him in retrieving the money. At that point I told him I wanted to talk to his line manage and he told me no he is the one dealing with the case.

However I hold my ground and eventually after 15minutes of waiting I eventually was able to speak to his line manager. After explaining everything to her she promised to look into it and to send me a schedule. She also said that her system is showing that I am in arrears of £3636.73. I then mentioned to her about her colleague who was demanding £4210 from me saying that if there was any error I will be reimburse. She said that the reason for the difference in the amount is because he did not look at the notes on the system. She promises to look into it and get back to me ASAP.

I am not holding my breath.


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    They really are pathetic.

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