CSA chasing me while I have cancer

November 15, 2012

Okay,Im looking for quality advice on number of issues re the CSA.I live in the uk and my approached them last January so i believe Im under the riules of CSA My wife and I separated in February 2010 and I had plenty of access to my children.

After 9 months it came out that she was seeing a guy she left me for once before and he had left his wife.Suddenly she went to a solicitor and started making unreasonable demands which are ongoing to this day and making me quite ill. I never refused to pay her and actually paid her an amount more than the CSA assessment.They took no notice of the overpayments.

Now,rewinding to 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer and successfully treated.While awaiting my NHS appointment I was under massive stress at work and rather thanbe sympathetic they put me on a plan with consequences of manging me out if i didnt achieve it. This was whilst suffering cancer!

Wih all that is going on I am naturally under stress again-my wife wants the family home,all the contents,me to take 50 percent of the debts and a slice of my pension.If our house is worth the same as next doors then there is enough equity to cover the debts so as I would be forced to rent till Im nearly 60 I have argued that Ill give ehr the house if she takes the debts.She refuses to talk with me directly.Even my solicitor doesnt know where to go and Im under added pressure of no money if it goes to court.The amount of pension she may be awarded is around £16k which sounds a lot but as a fund would provide a miniscule pension and cost over a £1000 to administer the share.Basically she wants it all.

On top of rhis my cancer has come back and I ave an appointment come through last week for february 2013.!!I need it sooner but cannot afford to go private.I am worried so went to the doctor who signed me off with anixetyfor two weeks. As work isnt the issue he was reluctant to but i explained that they will expect me firing on all cylinders if im in and im ill and not sleeping.

All this has made me realise what I did in 2008,that I need a new job.My questions are-

1)If i secure one with less pressure it will almost certainly be less income -what do i do to make sure the csa adjust my payments at the right time to avoid overpaying her?

2)one option Ive considered for some time as life is too short , is to try going it alone.I have great sales and people skills and there are many self employed jobs out there.Here my question is if I go self employed but attached to a specific company how does it affect csa?Can they still attach a DOE when I havent completed my tax return and will have many expenses?

This is not to dodge my obligations,its to reduce my stress and try and have some kind of life.When my wife went to the csa she reevaluated my contact and stripped it to the bare minimum in order to maximise csa which is deplorable.She chooses to work oart time and term time and “earns” £800 a month more than me.Money has clearly gone on clothes, handbags, haircuts, foreign holidays as well as unnecessary presents for the kids like £55 xbox games(ultimate editions)and I just cant compete.Despite paying her £300 a month i also pay for the kids when they are with me-have bough a bunk bed,chest of drawers,and tv(all second hand and at detriment to myself)and a well meaning friend gave me a ps3 so i could give them a decent present.

I can see they think mum is the generous one,mum is the provider and feel they are slipping away.The csa even lied to me and said two payslips was enought to reduce my payments if it showed a deduction of 5% and then changed the goal posts to three when i wrote-and it took them three months todecide they WERENT reducing my payments.

I have emailed my ex asking for five minutes to talk to her.i am willing to take on half the debt IF she comes away from the csa and becomes more communicative.Im also willing to give her the house if she leaves my pension but if she wont talk to me i fear this will go to court and i will lose my job anyway which would make it harder to get a new one than having stress on your record.To top it all this is putting a strain on my new girlfirend who didnt sign up for this mess and if i lose her id also be homeloess as i couldnt afford to rent pay csa and live.

Please help!!!!!Any and all advice appreciated.


  • wilf says:

    You fail to mention how,why, when the CSA are chasing you so difficult to advise.
    Obviously your reassessment did not break the tolerance of 5% so stayed the same.
    I’m not sure many people find self employment less stressful than PAYE.
    If you get a new job make sure you tell the CSA as soon as possible and send in your wage slips as quickly as you can.
    The CSA cannot take payments made before the case is opened into account.
    If you do go self employed the CSA will want to see your first quarter accounts.
    If you work on a self employed basis for one firm they will be obliged to deduct tax but not national insurance so will have to provide with some evidence of pay and tax deducted (pay slips) and if requested be legally obliged to deduct CSA payments.

  • Alice says:

    I would advise as above –

    regarding the issue of the CSA saying 2 payslips would be sufficient to look at doing a re-assessment, this is the minimum amount of monthly wage slips required, if there are any issues with the payslips (one showing overtime and one not, one being a part month etc) then they can ask for further wage slips to get a bigger picture.

    Always tell the CSA of any change in your circumstances as soon as they happen, the effective date is set by the date they are notified.

    There is a calculator on the CSA website which you can use to work out what your assessments would be if you changed your income.

    The CSA cannot take into account the money spent on furniture etc you bought to enable you to have overnight care of your child/children, nor can they take into account any money you paid to your ex prior to the case being opened.

    Good luck with your treatment – remember to inform the CSA immediately if you are going to be long term sick (I know you will have plenty of other stuff to do as and when treatment starts and that comment may sound crass, but as previously said CSA can only take changes on in accordance with when they are notified as per the legislation)

  • Matt hicks says:

    I am in a decent 35k a year job, and have recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
    I have a decent pension built up and have been paying C.S.A payments regularly towards my 2 boys. My wife and I are separated but not yet divorced and are living separately.
    She recently received a windfall of 2t0k which she quickly put into accounts under my 2 young sons names (13: and 14). And now wants to finalise the divorce and wants to claim half my pension as well.
    How can this be right?

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