CSA chased me and then terminated call because I failed security check

July 15, 2012

I was asked to send evidence that I was a full time student. I did this with no problems and received a letter back a few weeks later telling me that my payments were calculated as nil. So far no problems.

I then started receiving phone calls to both my house and mobile to which voice mails were also left asking me to get in touch with them. These were always while I was at college in the daytime and therefore could not answer my phone. I then received a letter saying that i urgently need to contact the csa. So, today I called up and was told I have not cleared the security questions so the call was ended.

Why was I hassled so much and then not allowed to even give the reference number stated in my letter to show that the csa have told me call up? I believe the questions I failed were about my last payments to the csa and how I paid. These were over a year and a half ago and I cannot believe I am expected to remember exact dates of payment from this long ago.

This is such bad service and if the csa employees that were calling me had looked on my file they could have seen that I am a student and perhaps called at a more convenient time, instead of telling me to call back and then terminating my call. Very angry about this as I was also left on hold for a while and now late for college.


  • brett says:

    The CSA ring from 0800 or 0845 numbers. Do not answer them. Only deal with them by letter. Send any correspondence to them by recorded delivery.
    Talking through bitter experience the reasons being.
    1. They get you to agree to things that youve not had time to think about.
    2. You rarely speak to the same person twice and they contradict each other.
    3. They try to avoid putting anything in writing.
    4. They will deny receiving a previous phone call from you or letter if you sent
    it normal postal delivery.
    5. They will harrass you with non stop phone calls at inappropriate times, eg when
    your at work.

  • Jennifer says:

    I used to work for the CSA and always found some staff members attitude to NRPs utterly ridiculous. Obviously security questions are there for a reason but who can really remember every detail required for questions like those. It should have been completely clear that you were a student therefore really they should be asking what your current assessment is in order to clarify the situation. I never expected anyone to give me an exact date but, as Brett says, someone else would contradict that the next time you called. It’s ridiculous, especially as some people I worked with wouldn’t even open with the security questions but would allow the caller to explain the reason for their call first – if you get one of those people you might manage to explain your situation! I hope by now you’ve managed to get through to them and sort things out.

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