CSA charging me arrears on an income not receiving

December 9, 2011

Up until January 2011 I paid maintenance through csa. However in february I changed employer and my ex made a mutual agreement instead of waiting for csa to re assess me. My ex made me fill in a form and sign it and told me she would contact csa to inform them of it. I never heard anything and went ahead paying her direct through bank each week. In June my ex asked me for more each week but as my income and hours were dropping I refused so she ended the agreement and went back the csa. I never heard anything so in september I contacted csa and made sure they had my details.

They then informed me they were just waiting on my proof of income from feb to sept and then they would assess me. I informed them of the mutual agreement so not to back date claim to feb but do take it to June. The csa then sent out letters for me and my ex to confirm we had an agreement at which we both signed and sent back. The csa then didn’t get back in touch till 28/11 and now asked why did my wages drop. I stated as my hours dropped and due to me only being part time.

They then asked me if I was still on the low income and I said yes. They said they would need to contact my employer for proof which I agreed to. The csa then informed me they will still back date claim to feb as they were not informed of mutual agreement. I disagreed and put in a complaint as both me and my ex have confirmed we had agreement, this making my earnings during that period none of there concern. The next day the csa contacted me again and now said they will be only be back dating claim to may. This being not so bad they then hit me with a blow that they will be assessing me on my initial higher income unto this week as I hadn’t informed them of my lower income till now. I argued as they had my proof of earnings upto sep and these clearly shown my drop in wages.

I made another complaint but today got told I won’t get anywhere and my assessment will be made from may till dec on the higher income and then from this week on the lower income.

Can they really assess Me on an income I haven’t received even though they will of had my proof of income from may up till this week?


  • Bob says:

    Yes is the simple answer:

    If you have a pay increase and don’t inform… they will back date
    If you have a pay drop and don’t inform… they won’t back date… its a win win for the PWC.

    A family member informed me of a friends son recently who’s ex had been having £200 a month from him and from the separation gave the old address they had lived at (rent) deliverately from the moment they separated… now despite paying over £4,500 in the 2years CSA say they have been chasing since the relationship ending and he has not replied. When she asked him for more apparently she ended with “We’ll see” and has contacted the CSA gave the address she knew prior he was living at and they have hit him with arrears nearing £4k!!!

    Its all bullcrap! Oh and the best part the £200 he paid was S/O to his ex’s account titled: MAINT ARCHI (Maintenance Archie) and the CSA are refusing to accept that as maintenance!!! So they have artificially inflated his arrears!!!

    Thankfully he is actually taking them to court in January (thanks to a little help from yours truly 8-D )

  • janet says:

    200 x 24 equals???!

  • Emma says:

    Any advice on what to do in a similar situation. My husband has being paying maintenance into exs account directly and because its not much she has contacted csa to say he hasnt paid anything since 2005 (when she had originally contacted the csa). They phoned husband today and were aggresive to him saying he had to pay all the backdated amount too. And he tried to say he has been paying and can prove it via bank statements (whilst they were talking over him) and they said that didnt matter, if the ex is saying that she has recieved nothing then he owes that money. He works for himself, any ideas what the best thing to do is in this circumstance?

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