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CSA changes its minds about payments and now I’m in over my head

I spoke to CSA in 2012 and through ex partner i paid dirrect, i spoke CSA and they said its not theyer call just keep it between us, so i did payed every penny off, 5 years later i was then told to pay off 1300 ish for 3 months i didnt pay?? i was not working at that time as broken back so i then sent a full copy of solicitor bank everything i was in dept over my head with cash, they said even though that london guess of payment per month and i dint reply back with a paper writting in 2012 then i have to pay it off even though i am fully disabled i cant have solicitor no money i have live on £600 per month, im ex army what the hell is wrong with these people??? oh yeah forgot to say she has never worked untill now daughter 18 and new system have to work 19 years nothing still sits there to do work all day?

2 thoughts on “CSA changes its minds about payments and now I’m in over my head

  1. Is it illegal to name children with fathers surname is hes not on birth certificate does the csa/cms have a legal right to take money from you both children born after 2007

  2. Hello
    I’ve been finished with the CSA for years now and I can’t believe they are still pulling the phantom arrears trick and the same magic number £4000 same as mine also at the end of my case
    Yes you can despute the arrears in court but the CSA have another surprise for you when you despute it
    As in you can have as much proof you don’t owe these arrears as you want but it’ll do you no good
    The reason they havnt contacted you about them before now is that the CSA taking you to court for arrears less than £3000 their is a good chance they’ll loose but arrears OVER £3000 as in the £4000 they say you owe
    Is an AUTOMATIC LIABILITY ORDER that’s why they’ve waited before contacting you about the phantom arrears
    So they’ve won before they even get to court
    The judge told me I have a clear case for despute because my paperwork proved I didn’t owe
    But judges go by their guide lines and arrears over £3000 is an auto automatic
    See their just a bunch of crooks

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