CSA changed their decision

January 22, 2011

When my son’s mother and I split over 2 years ago I didn’t contest custody and we agreed I could have him stay with me every alternate weekend. This he has done since I moved to my new house in Sept 2009. It was me who said we should go to the CSA and I have ben paying £220 per month since the split, this includes the 1/7th deduction they make for me having him stay every alternate weekend. My ex is now contesting with the CSA that I have him every alternate weekend. For some reason they have agreed with her and sent me a letter yesterday saying I owe almost £400 in arrears which they will take over the next 3 months and my monthly payments will now be £257!

What do I need to prove he stays with me on alternate weekends? One of the CSA advisors said I should send them a calendar and circle the dates my son stays with me and get my ex-partner to counter sign it!! She’s hardly likely to do this if she is telling them I don’t have him on alternate weekends.

Obviously I’ve written a letter of complaint to the CSA re-iterating that I have my son stay over on alternate weekends but it’s simply my word against hers in the end and who they believe.



  • Brokenfather says:

    Don’t waste your time, they will always believe the mother.

    It is blatant discrimination against fathers and you should write to your MP about it. That is the only way the law will be changed.

  • hg says:

    i am having exactly the same problem and it makes no difference if you are the mum or the dad they just side with the resident parent.
    I have a joint residency order and the csa still believe my ex when he tells them i have no overnight visits. I made the massive blunder and let him keep the family allowence; if you dont have that you are screwed! I end up paying my ex £235 a month plus the cost of travelling to collect and drop off my daughter plus the food and expenses of having her upto 3 nights a week. My ex as gone as far as LIE through his teeth, refuse access ALL FOR MORE MONEY!! SCUM!
    I am at my wits end, been to MP, made countless calls to CSA and still they side with him! I have a solicitor involved now and I intend to be the resident parent; and do you know what- i want NOT ask for a single penny from him, I wont deny contact, i just want a peaceful fair life where i am allowed to be a Mum to my daughter.

  • hg says:

    wont ask for a penny*

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