CSA change in circumstances

November 29, 2011

I have been split from my ex husband for nearly 5 years now and we have 1 daughter together. He always seems to avoid paying anything for her and in the 4 years that i have had the csa onto him i have maybe received 8 months of money. The rest of the months he hasn’t paid a single penny. He is in total around £3500 in arrears, and the problem i am having at the moment is he has been in work since about the 20th June 2011 and always seems to change his circumstances just before the 12 week time scale is up. This has been ongoing now for 24 weeks and i have just been informed of him changing his circumstances again so add another 12 weeks to the 24 already waited.

In all this time he hasn’t paid a penny towards his daughter even as a goodwill payment for clothes, gas , electric, school uniforms, shoes and a roof over her head. Not that my daughter ever goes without as i pay for everything she wants and needs.

The csa has nothing about them to think that this is strange that he changes his circumstances always just before the 12 weeks are up, and i don’t know who to turn to now as i am so angry especially as he has a court order for access and is entitled to christmas this year from xmas eve to boxing day. He seems to enjoy the good things with his daughter but not willing to face the financial side to it all.


  • janet says:

    That’s awful surely they can see he’s pulling wool over their eyes! Is he still with the employer ? Or is that what his change circumstances are

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