CSA caused my marriage to fail

March 6, 2015

Hi Please please help me,my problem with this unfair criminal organisation started back in 2001 my ex did close the case in 2007,not hearing a thing from the muppets from 2003 I thought nothing of it.

Fast track to 2007 a letter dropped saying I owed the state 22k in arrears my 2nd wife at the time and I had just adopted an 18 month old boy 12 months down the line our marriage failed due to the pressure of the csa debt so she left in 2008 to shack up with a so called friend but i found out she had been cheating on me for a good 9 months.

I then met a new partner who is brilliant in oct 2008 that’s when these cheats started a liability order and placed it on my house!! I have no equity what so ever!!I went to court in 2011 and the judge was or seemed to be on my side and was agreed I was to pay £100 per month managed this for just under a year but then my new partner fell pregnant which was brill I was to get another chance at being a dad as my 2 from the first marriage have been poisoned by there mother and wanted nothing to do with me.

So I stopped making payments due to the fact I,m that much in debt left by my second wife which has came to light :/ and with the pressure of my little one now 16 months old I just have no disposable income at all just like 98% of the uk, NOW for the next shock!!!!

2012 I gets a letter from these pillocks saying I,m the farther of another child so I disputed it, I then can recall after the split from my first wife it hit me bad so went on a drink and drug road trip, and did have a one night stand I can also just remember offering a termination of said child as there is no future for us at all, I then moved away in 2001 to my new house (the one im in now) with my 2nd wife (who has now peed off with her so called friend).

I heard nothing until 2012 so with me in debt and have no more cash to give I got a friend to do the DNA test for me, I got found out and I,m up in court on the 21st march 2013 for false DNA sample, and I,m so scared.

Advice would be good or what will happen to me , the csa will not grind me down!! they have put me into depression twice, had one heart attack bought on by this corrupt organisation, I,m an honest hard working man and I know if I start paying for this mistake I made I will be bankrupt as I know she will just sit on here arse and not bother looking for a job and enjoy making my life hell.

I,ve also not told my new partner about this as it will be devastating for her and would most certain be the end of us both. So the CSA are good at wrecking lifes and families and also they have wrecked the relationship with my first 2 children.

They don’t care about the PWC or the NRP just their greed, some times I do think about ending it all but then that’s the easy way, the csa/cmec need to be dispanded and shut down asap even with the order on my house I now understand they can not force you out but when I,m dead and gone they will be stealing from my children with the inheritance.

Any advice please?


  • Mags says:

    Feel for u mate, we all make mistakes and some people are bitter minded, get yourself on to a site call child support agency ripoffs, u will get lots of good advice

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