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CSA case worker threatened me, wanting credit card payments

I finished paying csa for my daughter last september as she left school and got an apprentiship in a hairdressers. she was paid £95.00 a week. but this was not good enough for my ex her mother who basically forced her to give up this and go to colledge just so she could claim more csa.

I got a call from the csa in fed 2011 demanding two payslips which i sent and heard no more untill may when i recieved a phone call from the csa stating that i now owe £657.00 in arrears. and it was assesed at £73.00 per week.i said i did not have any money untill i got paid at the end of the month. The cock at the csa then started to threaten me telling mewhat i had in my bank and what credit cards i had with credit on them. Then came the threat of a deduction of earnings. They dont care if you tell them that you will give up your job either.

I have paid the csa since 2000 and never missed a payment but was made to feel like a criminal. In the early days i was made to pay £650.00 per month and when i threatenend to commit suicide they put it up £10.00 per month.

They couldnt be bothered to chase my new parners ex as he just told them bollocks and never paid a penny for his 4 kids. The csa have created more problems than they have sorted as i feel like i have now lost my daughter and my ex is not spending any money on her so i am going to get in touch with social services.

4 thoughts on “CSA case worker threatened me, wanting credit card payments

  1. Complain to the ICE, complain to your M.P. and keep complaining!

    If everyone who has been involved with this shambles targeted atheir M.P.’s and the government, this diabolical, not fit for purpose, shambles would be shut down!

  2. Never, under any circumstances, give them bank account or credit/debit card details.

    Properly detail your complaint in writing and send it to them, with a copy to your MP. Also specify that due to the threats made by them on the phone, that they must never phone you again, and that all correspondence must be in writing.

    They are only interested in how much money they can extort out of you, and in most cases they do not even give the money to your ex. Is your ex receiving all the money you have paid ok? Or is some or all of it never reaching her?

    Regarding contact with your daughter, you must not allow this to stop. Where are you taking her this summer? If you are having problems with contact then do something about it. Try Separated Dads or Dads with Kids on Facebook, or try your local FNF branch.

    Come join us on CsaHellHelp on Facebook and meet many more frustrated CSA victims.

  3. “The csa have created more problems than they have sorted ”
    Comment of the week!

  4. The CSA are “legal Terrorists” and some mothers are having a jolly up using this army of bullies when it suits.

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