CSA case worker didn’t even call me back, and I’m the PWC!

January 21, 2012

I first opened a case against my daughters father in January 2010. when everything was set up I was told I’d get £157.09 a month. Everything was fine up until March 2011, my ex started making excuses to why he couldn’t pay.

I called up CSA numerous times and just got “We’ll put a note on it and get your case worker to call you back.” But no one ever did. When i called again on June 27th 2011 they said as my ex had failed to make payments and reply to warning letters they would set up a deduction of earnings order and not to call again until they contact me on some progress.

Come august I had not heard anything so I called again to check up on the progress and turns out that since that day in June they hadn’t even looked anymore into my case. In Septemper 2011 I managed to get my ex to pay the arrears that he owed and he told me he had set up a direct debit, but the following month I didn’t get a payment. I called CSA again and they told me that the direct debit set up had failed and they would look into it. A month later I had not heard anthing so again I called and they said they were sorting the deduction of earnings order even though it should have started 4 months previously.

They started by contacting his employers to get his wage details, but they sent from Sept 2011 when they asked for from Sept 2010. I was told they were to be given 7 days to give them the information then they would take action against the employers. I have called every week since september to chase up the case but it seems nothing is being done. I keep getting the same “We’ll put a note on it.” The last time I called I was told they weren’t even doing a deduction of earnings order but just checking the amount my ex should pay.

I told them that he told me he will not be paying anything until CSA forced him to, their reply was “Thats not our problem” But surely it is???? I’m so sick of calling them and getting nowhere, it cannot take this long to just set up a way to get the payments from his wages!! I’m appauled with their customer service, I was actually laughed at by one lady when I mentioned I wanted to make a complaint. It’s costing me too much in credit to keep calling.

As of today my ex owes me over £600 but it seems I won’t ever get it.


  • chall says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Write and escalate your case to a clearly marked complaint, explain the situation giving dates etc, also request a consolatory payment from the agency because of their delays and poor standard of service AND copy in your local MP – keep copies of all correspondence and send signed for.

    For £10 you can request a copy of your Data Protection File, this should enable you to see what the agency have and have not been doing on your case. The receipt of such has provided invaluable evidence for many cases.

    Your case will be effective from the date they first contacted your EX, so any arrears accrued should eventually be collected.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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