csa case closed chasing arrears after a year

September 21, 2009

hi . i payed regular maintence since 1992 and the csa have put me in arrears over the yrs due to them doing reasessments .so i been paying arrears of plus reg main as well but always fighting these arrears to no avail ..i stopped paying when my daughter turn 19 and ive heard nothing till a few months ago when for the first time they were realy nice trying to come to a mutual agrement for both parties ..we areed to pay  £3000 of the £6000 they say we oweover 18months ..at £55 a week but  lost my job …

iv’e had a letter saying this has got to go to the leagel team now as theres nothing he could do and wait for them to get touch…i got a phone call of a very loud lady who said i must pay this within 2yrs at £76aweek but when i said i wont be able to aford that she threated me with court ,prison, baliffs,etc.. the law the law  she qouted so asked how are we going to pay these off in 12mths when the case closed ver a year agoshe said she can run it from today so we have 2yrs to pay?

but yet agian when i said i might beable to get £3000 she changed to miss nice lady….have they broke the law ..i want it to go to court for the first time i might get fair hearing …


  • chall says:

    Hi razzle,

    Many cases accrue arrears due to lengthy agency delays.

    You need to establish when the alleged arrears have occurred, this can be achieved by requesting your Data Protection file and a complete account breakdown – there is a DP request letter template in the downloads section at http://afairercsaforall.co.uk/.

    At present no arrears before July 200 are collectible through a court sort liability order.

    Your welcome to join us in the afairercsaforall forum if you require further help and advice – its completely FREE of charge.

  • gary says:

    im having trouble with the csa ive just recived a letter saying i owe £6400 in arrears the case file was shut in 2008 as my children are all over 18 2 years later here we are £6400 of arrears to pay im on income support and there what £62 aweek there wanted my bank details i said no as i would like it to be taken from my benefit there said there cant do that ive read the csa act and social secruity act and its says i can have arrears taken though benefit but when asking them to take it from my benefit there said no because its a closed case lol if its closed why do i owe £6400 ive spoken to income support there told me to write to them requsting them to take payments from my income
    support got CAB tomorrow there driving me mad but i will keep fighting csa suck the only women who knows the csa rules works part time there all having a laugh in the back ground i must have been speaker phone but i will have last laugh just you wait planning a visit to csa plymouth end of month do i need to make appointment lol

  • ian wilson says:

    The child support case was closed 5 years ago for my son i have heard nothing at all in that time.then out of the blue i owe 5000 in arrears.i contacted them .i informed them that i even paid an extra year when i did not need to,so much has changed in that time i.e.we care for our baby granddaughter who lives with us,we have a young son who is registred disabled and our eldest son has been selected for medical school and we are helplng with finances it is all cost yet the angency can only say we understand.we understand how much can u pay u will pay or else…..can they really demand this amount i was not even aware of these so called arrears.any advice off anyone would be appreciated thanks

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