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CSA can’t see that my son is being taken advantage of!

my son split from his girlfriend 3 yrs ago after she was having an affair they had a child together and my son was left devastated when she asked him to leave.

he had his daughter when it was convenient to his ex ( you know when seeing her new fella having her hair done out for meals period pains weekends away etc.)we made an agreement for me to pay £100 per month on the basis he has his little girl every weekend pays for her food and days out and buys her clothes(no big deal) madam then gets a mortgage gets married has a baby and hey ho csa call my son and says he has to pay £196 a month which he cannot afford and his daughter will now suffer as he can not afford to take her out or buy her clothes how is this justice sounds like madam needs more money to live the life she has become use to but sounds like my son is paying for it why can csa not see what she is doing and can he appeal the decision.

2 thoughts on “CSA can’t see that my son is being taken advantage of!

  1. HI there

    Unfortunately, the CMS apply the “law” to an application for Child Support. They therefore take a pragmatic approach only. They simply charge a percentage of a person’s income without first looking into their circumstances.

    There is a way round so contact me if you want to know or require help.

    All the best.

  2. Can anyone help? Switched to CMS from CSA and have been told I owe £5000 in arrears even though I have never missed a payment. Have asked for proof of this and they can’t provide it. Has anyone else experienced similar? Told they will deduct it from my earnings unless I can prove otherwise.

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