CSA can’t help me get money from my ex

October 21, 2011

I separated from my husband nearly 2 years ago now and since then i have numerous problems involving CSA. Mainly that i cant get through to anybody that can actually deal with my case.

I have complained numerous times. When me and my husband seperated he closed down his company and went back to being self employed or that’s what he told them anyway as it turns out the company is still not closed down. He told them that he was earning £200 a week which was totally untrue CSA have taken his word for this and still to this date have asked for no proof of this. He runs a successful carpet fitting service for a massive hotel chain throughout the UK, being the sole company to do this.

Carl has filled in Tax returns for the past 10 years and yet trying to get somebody at CSA to look into this is a nightmare they just keep telling me that he isnt repsonding to their letters, Well do we really think that he would???

He has a brand new £20000 van a BMW convertible and a brand new 7 seater car complete with DVD in the back of the seats he keeps going on holiday yet i esculated the claim at CSA and they told me that this was not enough proof. Please tell me i am not the only person that believes this cant be done on £200 a week if he is then giving me £40.


  • Miles O'Brien says:

    So he is working hard. What are you doing?

  • karen bedford says:

    Miles get a life or stop being bitter!

    Gemma – Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice as this is unfortunately common

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