CSA Can’t Be Bothered

March 21, 2012

I have been dealing with CSA for about 2 years now, and my ex partner is not exactly the most reliable person in the world so I decided to use CSA.

As soon as CSA contacted her she quit her job and went onto benefits paying just £5 a week…which she still failed to do.

She came off benefits and went into work, I found out where she worked and once again contacted CSA who spent the best part of 3 weeks trying to get through to her. Eventually they decided to contact her employer and a calculation for £28 per week was introduced, this also wasn’t paid.

Eventually they setup an attachement of earnings order, which again the wrote and told her about only for her to decide to quit her job and move to another job. Fortunately I managed to receive a payment from her last job for £360.

She has now been in the new job since November (again I called to give them all the details which they confirmed with the employer)

I was told that they needed to recalculate the weekly payment and for that they would need 2 months payslips but they wouldn’t accept Decembers because of the Christmas break.

At the end of February I had called and they said they would chase it up with her, I pointed out all the times they tried this before but they said it was procedure, I chased them up again 10 days later (2nd March) and they said that they would chase it up with her employer.

I contacted them again on the 8th March and was told exactly the same. I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone to them today because since November they have made 1 call to chase things up.

Meanwhile I am left in the dark about getting CSA to actually do what they should be doing while my ex partner refuses to deal with the issue. CSA wont do anything different and as such the amount owed keeps increasing as she buries her head in the sand knowing full well CSA wont do anything.

I am at a complete loss CSA are refusing to deal with the case, my ex is useless and knows the CSA wont do anything and I am stuck being owed now close to £600 in payments.


  • Carol says:

    In all honesty do not rely on the CSA giving you money. I never got anything from mine for 11 years! It may be easier for the CSA to get information if your ex is employed as opposed to self employed though.

    You will see many stories on here and over on the advice forum from NRP who are arguing over huge incorrect deductions; PWC who do not get the money that is collected etc. The system is very very bad.

  • Elaine says:

    My partner was paying nearly 70%of his weekly wage to the CSA through the deduction of earnings and had to pack work up in the end. So this awful incompetant government body are actually responsible for adding to the unemployment figures. He doesn’t even get to see his daughter. He has paid approximately £40,000 in the last five years because they kept saying he was in arears even though they made him sell his house to pay off arrears that he didn’t owe in the first place as he had always paiid the ex himself. I’m disgusted at women who do this out of pure bitternes. His ex took the money and sodded of abroad and didn’t even take his one child. CSA…. Cameron beter sort something soon cos its outrageous and criminal

  • Tina says:

    As pwc havin trouble with csa, i’m not gonna defend the csa but i work with a girl who use to work there & she said that staff can have like 70+ cases to work on at the 1 time & cos of there rubbish computer sytem something needin done on ONE case can take a whole day to sort out so from hearin that i say its no wonder they take ages to do anything. the girl i know workede really hard but said there was no way she could do a good job with every case cos theres too many cases, too many laws and rules they have no say in & no way to do things quick. so i wouldnt say everyone who works there is bad or cant be bothered although im sure some cant. main thing is a better system needed asap!

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