CSA cannot sort out my direct debit

May 7, 2011

I got a phone call from CSA in Oct 2010 to say I owed money for my daughter even though I had been paying money directly to her Mother. No worries they said I owed £550 to which I paid straight away. They then told me I would have to pay £240 every month for the future . Fair enough My Daughter my responsibility.

I set up a Direct debit so I could pay more easily. After the first month I realised they had not took the monthly amount so I contacted them and paid by card to which they said would be sorted for the next month !! Well surprise surprise next month and again no payment taken from account so called them up again spoke to a Manager and discussed everything and explained the hassle it was causing having to keep ringing them up to pay each month. The manager then told me I had £32 arrears I explained I had paid the amount I owed every month including the £550 arrears she could not explain where the £32 had come from so I refused to pay.

It’s now May 2011 and they still haven’t sorted the Direct Debit out and every month when I pay the £240 by card they keep telling me I’m in another £32 arrears but still can’t explain where it keeps coming from .

Even they can’t understand what’s the problem ……



  • Gary Thorn says:

    If you can. Get on the good side of your ex and make the arrangement with her direct. Stick to the payments and keep proof. Preferably by direct debit. Of course if she is on benifits this may be awkward. But try for the sake of the children to keep csa out of the picture.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Gary sums it all up really…
    ‘for the sake of the children to keep csa out of the picture.’

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