CSA cannot get my ex to pay up

March 6, 2011

My problem is that my ex-husband has been getting so far behind in child support because he’d rather buy his hoochie (who so happens to be MY COUSIN’S WIFE) new EXPENSIVE shoes. I’ve tried to get the CSA to do something about how far behind he gets with his child support and they refuse to do anything. Just last year it got close to $1,000 behind, then when I threaten to send him to jail, he took it to court to get the amount reduced, when there are countless other children getting WAAAAY more than what my daughter is getting right now. It sickens me. He works and they aren’t enforcing the child support order at all.

I’ve tried to get in contact with my case worker about the court dates and speak to her about what is going to happen, but when I call the local phone number, I get redirected to a state office of child support and the lady there says she’ll “forward my message to the case worker to have her call me back.” When I talk to the case worker in court, she says she never got any such messages and has always been cooperative as far as listening to me in the past when I speak to her in person. Now we live over 160 miles away from where the case originated and the woman with the state CSA is P***ING me off!!!

Is there anyone with a similar story or some suggestions as to what I can do?


  • Peter Anderson says:

    The CSA is not interested in collecting money for its clients. It is only interested in collecting money where it is going to keep the money for itself to spend on its own salaries and bonuses. Yes, it’s just like the banks.

    Again, this is where the very introduction of the CSA was fundamentally flawed. They decided to overrule all the cases where there were already satisfactory agreements and Court Orders in place leaving the total mess that it is today.

    Go onto a site called CSA – If we have to pay, we want our say! on Facebook and have a chat with Lisa and Sarah. They both have similar situations and seem to be starting to make progress in getting the CSA to actually to do something.

    You can tell them I said for you to, contact them.

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