CSA cancelled my DEO and are now taking from my bank account

May 5, 2012

I’m just wondering if anyone has advice for me. Two days ago i received a letter from the CSA saying that they was cancelling my D.E.O which was set up to collect arrears i am currently working part time and earn £203 p/w, along with that D.E.O there was a protected income on there so i could provide for my partner and 3 children which unless i had a bonus it would protect the whole of my earnings.

Today i got a letter stating that they are now going to take DIRECT from my bank £75.02p every fri until the debt is recovered. My question is….. can they leave me below my protected income which they have come up with when i was assessed? if they start taking that amount from my account i wont even be able to fully pay the basic things needed like rent, council tax, gas, elec, water and basically leave me with big big debt issues.



  • jay. says:

    How bizarre, what reason have they given for this?…sorry csa don’t need one. And no they should not be taking your protective earnings, I would see your local cab or mp to get some answers.

  • jay. says:


  • Carol says:

    I have never heard of them doing this at all and quite simply find it disgusting that they will do this to you. Obviously the assessment they made, together with arrears means you cannot afford to pay and your employer has to leave you with your protected income, which they have.

    So the CSA decide to take direct from your Bank account which may leave you less than your protected income which they calculate.

    I agree with Jay and go to see your local MP ASAP and lodge a formal complaint.

  • rach says:

    you need to quickly either A get your name off the bank account or B open an offshore one which will be out of their jurisdiction to touch . the csa dont give a damn about 2nd families as they have just revised my husbands deo and state on it that his protected earnings are now 110 pound a week for a family of 5 . they are a disgusting company and cause more child poverty then they claim to cure!

  • Carol says:

    That is a good idea from Rach. Would your employer allow to change where your salary is paid maybe in your partner’s account? CSA can check your credit report so if you open another account with a high street bank they will find it unfortunately.

    Rach we are in the same position. My partner’s DEO has been amended due to a reduction in hours. Now he has to pay £16 per week maintenance but in addition that to that £46 towards arrears. All that from £128 per week salary?! It’s nothing short of disgusting

  • Scott Lawman says:

    Thankyou for all your replies i am still in dispute with them and have to wait to speak to the person who has set that order up for ANSWERS. I am willing to pay some of my backpay off but at a reasonable rate i can afford, if they refuse then i will have my wages paid into my partners account and leave my account on £0 as they cannot take money that is not there ie leave me overdrawn, hopefuly they will accept my offer. I will update you on the outcome ASAP. Thanks again.

  • Scott says:

    I spoke to the lady who sorted my regular deduction order out today and to be honest i feel like i got nowhere with her……she stated that as it is back pay and not for regular maintenance payments they can take up to 40% of my wages direct from my bank and do not have to work to their own rules that they set concerning protected earnings blah blah blah i offered to setup a direct debit for £40 a month but she stated that 2 years is a “REASONABLE” (Reasonable my ass) time to pay back what i owe and £40 is not enough to clear my debt in that amount of time so from this friday they will try and take £75.03 from my bank every week which equates to about £4000 for the year out of my £10.000 wages p/a. I have now contacted work and changed my wages to go into a bank that is not in my name and will leave my bank account on £1 until they remove the stupid order as they cannot take money that is not there (from their own mouths). CSA are a law to themselves and need stopping as allot of people would think about quitting their jobs when put in this situation but i wont let them force me out of a job i love and will def NOT LET THEM WIN. Thanks

  • craig says:

    hi scott just to warn you they will go to your work and take direct from your wages,and there not a thing you can do,im on sick because they took 50% of my wages i went to my mp and what a waste of time csa above the law be warned 7months ive had hell on earth with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!craig

  • rach says:

    they are disgusting these new enforcement measures they were given (ie bank deduction orders) were meant to be used only against people who REFUSED to pay not against people who cannot afford to pay ! you have to now play them at their own game also make sure all your assets are now in your partners name .

  • chall says:


    Income is NOT just limited to wages paid by an employer.
    Does your household receive Working Tax Credits &/or Child Tax Credits?

    If so, the CSA at present deem WTC the income of the higher earner in the household & CTC is also deemed the income of the NRP regardless.

    The agency should leave a NRP with at least 60% of their total income.

    How did your arrears accrue?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Carol says:

    That is disgusting! They have a management steer where they want debts repaid in 2 years but it is not a legal obligation to do it, that’s what they want to happen. They have to come to an agreement with you but I don’t think the CSA understand what “coming to an agreement is”.

    They just do whatever the hell they like. We have our MP involved and although apprehensive we are getting somewhere. It could be worth your while having the MP Involved. CSA are bad for not recording everything and also “hiding” complaints. At least if it is done through your MP it will be recorded as an official complaint.

  • william says:

    the csa are the biggest gansters in the world,i also pay csa 24.50 a week and im in arears so i opened up a pension with my bank which the csa cant touch and cant by pass that law so i dont pay it ,better paying a pension than paying a gangster r a hateful ex dont forget fathers the bigger the pension the less u pay to the criminal under world

  • Scott says:

    Just an update…….. I stayed up until 12.10 last night logged into my bank ready to catch my wages going in but they never went in so i went off to bed, When i woke at 7.30 i logged onto my bank and my wages were there and the csa order on my account had not been taken out yet so i transferred all but £1 out and they wont get a penny this week. My thoughts are that someone at the bank has to manually deduct the order from my account and probably don`t start till 8am + so i must of beat them to it as on the original letter i received from CSA stated that the bank can also charge ME £10 for every time they take money for them which would equate to £40 per month on top of the £300 they want for arrears why would the bank charge me £10 if it was just a computer transferring the money so it must be a HUMAN doing it.

  • Eugene says:

    I wont go in to the problems I am having with the CSA (Corrupt Shambolic Arseholes?) but I am also frustrated that we get very little help in dealing with them? Appealing to them is like asking Hitler to point out the good qualities of the Jews. Sadly we all seem to be going round in circles. I have read of people taking on the CSA and winning. What I/we need is someone affordable that can help us fight our respective corners or give advice on how best to do so. I have posted on here a few times now and am hoping that someone can give good advice. Yes I have heard to do everything by letter, but there must be user friendly and good legal teams out there who can give good advice.I am extremely angry with how my ex has lied so much (not just payments made) and the system allows her to get away with it. Its a real disgrace. Yet I feel as though I am the molecule of water in a big sea. There appears to be enough of us disgruntled and yet we are all acting individually

  • colin says:

    Scott, they WILL start a new court order whereby they will deduct 40 per cent of your wage regardless of protected earnings. Protected earnings do not apply to arrears payments, only regular maintenance.

  • Scott says:

    Why did they not do that before Colin? they had a deo in place but cancelled it as they was not getting regular payments due to protected earnings so why didnt they just reapply for a new DEO taking 40%? its abit strange if that is the case and they re-apply for a new DEO for arreas. I have offered them a payment p/m but they wont accept it so when they apply to a judge for new DEO dont they have to show that i am actually prepared to pay back what i owe? i thought they are only supposed to use the courts for Fathers that are refusing to pay.

  • Lyn says:

    I have not been on this website for over a year now THANK GOD! Both my partner and I had the worst possible experience of our lives with that evil, horrible, organisation called the CSA.

    My Partner was paying maintenance for his 3 children but Mother got greedy becasue I has a holiday home abroad, good job and comfortable. Therefore, she felft she was intitled to what I had worked for. Needless to say Mother of the Year was sitting on her arse, getting welfare and bleeding the system.

    It ended up my Partner had to pay over £30,000 to the CSA. He lost everything and we split up. The pressure and stress was too much.

    I feel so sorry for anyone going through hell with these people and believe me my Partner paid almost £10,000 to fight these bastards and lost got no where. Forget your MP’s they are just as bad and wont go against them.

    Scott take your money out of the bank, put everything in your Partners name. My ex Partner is no longer living in the UK and we keep in touch.

    I am delighted to say he is happy now and living a peacful life.

    To all of you who are in new relationships dont let the ex wives, ex partners destroy you as couples as this is exactly what they want.

    Stay strong

  • brian morgan says:

    They will not sort it out because i have been waiting 2 years now and i’m still owe them arrears which i have sent all my bank details to them in march 2012 and i am still to this day waitng for a reply and they take out different amounts every week which is now leaving me sort to live with and to top it all i haven’t seen my boy for 6years now and its hurting me a lot and what piss me off more is i left that house with nothing which i was living for 10 yrs too

  • Alice says:

    one thing that seems to be forgotten here when you are all slagging off the amount of time that the csa deem as a ‘reasonable’ time to repay the arrears is that the arrears are there, in most cases, because the non-resident parent has at some point not paid what he was due to pay for his children. If there are arrears on a case which would not be cleared within 2 years then that would indicate that the NRP has missed more than a couple of weeks worth of payments – there are cases of course where arrears are accrued by a re-assessment being effective back a number of months – again this will be due to the non-resident parent not informing the csa of a change in their circumstances and this information coming to light months or perhaps years down the line.

    In the extreme there are cases where the nrp has failed to make payment for up to 5 years, leaving jobs each time the csa find out where they are working in order to avoid paying and then when the csa take enforcement action to recover the money they have avoided paying – money that could have benefited their kids over the 5 years they have dodged making payment – and the csa want it paid back (interest free I may add!) then everyone jumps on their high horse and moans about how immoral it is for the csa to put a 2 year time limit on paying back the money owed.

    I also see many comments from NRP’s current partners about how unfair it is that their kids should suffer in order to pay the CSA – no-one is paying the csa, they are paying for their kids … personally if my partner had kids from a previous relationship and he wasn’t paying for them then I would question whether to have kids with him … at the end of the day what happens if and when your relationship breaks down, would you be happy if he was avoiding paying for your kids??

  • Sally says:

    @ Alice – and the one thing you seem to be avoiding is that ‘arrears’ arise because the CSA re-assess an NRP but ‘forget’ to notify them!!!! This is in no way the NRP’s fault… it’s the idiots who work for the CSA who make these mistakes!!!

    With regards to your last paragraph, my partner paid his partner more than the CSA suggested for 3 years but the PWC got greedy (similar to Lyn’s story) and went to the CSA when she heard that I had money and a good income and it could be included in the re-assessment. It backfired, but since then she has reduced overnight stays (one of the criteria set by the CSA) to get more money, she has lied to the CSA, the CSA have re-assessed my partner but never notified him so he ended up in arrears…. it’s was and still is a mess. The great relationship my partner has gone because the CSA has allowed the mother to manipulate the system for her own gains without any consideration to the emotional impact on the kids. I have, and will continue to support my partner financially to make sure his kids get what they need and want but it is a struggle when you know that it would never have gotten to this point if the CSA had a fair system.

    If the CSA had a fair set of rules that were easy to understand (as the customer) and easy to follow (as an employee) then we wouldn’t have half the problems we do.

    My partner has spoken to some helpful people at the CSA and has been given some sound advice but most of the time the information he has been given is contradictory, confusing or just completely wrong….

  • Kay says:

    I totally agree with the last comments. Arrears can build up for whatever reason (mostly due to the CSA them selves, than the fathers not paying, non payment isn’t an opinion given the CSA powers.

    In our case Arrears go back 15 years plus and we didn’t know of their existenance,(due to the ex’s not been truthfully back in the ninety’s) until they were reinstated, eventhough I, the ex and the CSA knew they were time-barred. The CSA rips the NRP’s off along with their new families deliberately, FACT so does that not make them alongside the mother who willing would have received the wrong amount, knowing she lied just as bad as the absent fathers who does not pay? It all boils down to greed, rather than need.

  • Rich Bee. says:

    The CSA are a disgusting private company and full of it. They have now decided to back date and create arrears that didn’t exist. They are just scum. They sent me a letter demanding 30k Xmas before last!!!!! They don’t know their own systems and they are out for themselves. I have no income due to the depression and stress that has been caused. They have no DNA, no name on the birth cert. I was never in a relationship with the whore of a mother. She was sitting back taking money and her freebie benefits. Wish the slag would just accept she got dumped after a week because she was just a lying slut.

  • lisa says:

    @ Alice, We know the CSA make it up as they go along!!!, I personally would open another account and have your ages paid into that, why did they have your bank details anyway never hand over your personal account details to the thiving gits, they will take what ever they can anytime they want, , give them your partners or parents account details to pay your salary into and then ge to your MP, theis has to stop, its bloody morally wrong that men are being left with little to live on, CSA and Alice you should be ashamed

  • lisa says:

    Just to add to the above, there is nothing within the LAW that states arrears have to be paid off within 2 years, thats what the CSA want you to belive, its actually over a period of time that is affordable and efficient, no court in this land would make you pay arrears in that time if you had proof it would leave you high and dry without money to be able to work or eat, and as for Alice above spouting her normal shite ignore it, scumbags CSA are all out for the women end of, i feel sorry for the men who have already taken there own lives because of these shambolic people,

  • lisa says:

    @ Alice
    money that could have benefited their kids over the 5 years they have dodged making payment,
    The money that was paying for ex,s nights out and holidays you mean, since when does CSA ever benefit the children,

  • Scott says:

    @Alice You must live in a fantasy world…….for a start When my daughter was born I had to go to court and get DNA testing done to prove she was mine as the mother did not want me to see her and said she had slept with someone else it hard at the time but no way was i accepting that so im not one of them fathers that say im not paying cos she aint mine.
    £3000+ of my arrears were added from when i was on the Dole as they were charging me £63 p/w maintenance even though i was only getting £40 odd pound p/w to live on from benefits …..i have challenged this and they say that nothing can be done as i did not inform them i was no longer working which is wrong as i did.
    The reason the rest of the arrears are there is because when the original claim was put in – it was put on to CSA system 3 days before they changed the rules ie “Old Calculation rules to new ones” now my argument at the time was that if i would of been assessed under the new rules i would of been paying £35 p/w for 1 child which i had no problem with as i could of afforded that! but no they would not do it and assessed me under the old rules which meant that i had to pay £63 p/w instead which was impossible for me to pay so most of the arrears built up then.
    I have made maintenance payments to them over the last 11 years through DEO`s which were set up but due to losing jobs and getting new ones it took time for them to contact me with new calculation documents and arrears built up during them times.
    When i was last speaking to a lady at CMEC i asked the lady how many times my calls had been logged and she said 3 TIMES! yes 3 Times in 11 years…….What a joke! i must of called them that many times in the last year never mind the rest so Alice get your head out your ASS as you are speaking Child Support Bullshit They are a DODGY organisation who have the backing of a corrupt government and are allowed to basically do what they like!

    Just a update on my case……..The csa have now got Rossendales Bailiffs involved who have visited my property 3 times now, i have Welfare Rights involved and they are currently dealing with Both the csa and the bailiffs for me but it is at a standstill. I am currently paying £100 p/m arrears to them through the bailiffs pay point slip but Csa say it is not enough and the bailiffs say it must be £366 p/m even though they have had an official financial statement sent to them stating that i can only afford £100 p/m by the way £366 equates to half my Part time wage p/m and i have a partner and 3 children to support.

  • Chris says:

    I think its time that the governement were taken to task on the child support agency for they too are ruining my life and have turned it upside down .. I used to feel a worth member of society ..a job I like and was able to live on what I was paid even though not best paid job in the world it fed me and allowed me to live normally .. since child support have got involved and are take 40 percent of my wages they have plunged me into debt .. ruined my credit rating and virtually made me homeless because of struggling now to pay my rent .. all the money i had put to one side for emergencies like illness and medication i might need has been wiped out to try and survive and I now owe more in unpaid bills than I did before … I no longer feel a valid member of society even though i am working people out of work are now better off than me .. hmmmm how does that work.. CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY NEEDS ABOLOSHING IN ITS CURRENT STATE AND SHOULD BE MADE TO MEANS TEST NRPs so they can still live and pay there way … I HAVE PAID INTO THE GOVERNEMENT VIA INCOME TAX AND NATIONAL INSURANCE FOR YEARS YET I AM TREATED LIKE THIS AS ARE MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE WORKED … NO JUSTICE AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED … COME ON PARLIAMENT BUCK YOUR IDEAS UP WE ARE YOUR FUTURE BECAUSE AS IT STANDS YOU DONT GET MY VOTE AT THE NEXT ELECTION UNTIL YOU SORT THIS CRAP SYSTEM OUT AND START LOOKING AT WHAT DAMAGE AND MISERY YOU ARE CAUSING ..

    Before someone starts harping on about me keeping it in my trousers ….I was married for 20 yrs and all my kids were planned . we both fell out of love which is not a crime and deicided it was in the interest of the kids and ourselves to move on and start again … ITS TIME THE GOVERNMENT LOOKED AFTER THERE PEOPLE SO WE CAN ALL LIVE PAY ARE WAY AND HAVE ONCE MORE A BRITAIN WE CAN BE PROUD TO BELONG TO BECAUSE RIGHT NOW YOU AINT GOT A CLUE

  • wilf says:

    Chris:- What provision did you make for your children when you both decided to move on and start again?
    Did you consider carefully all the financial implications before moving on?
    How did the CSA become involved with your change of lifestyle?
    Why are they taking 40% of your income was there a time when you did not pay?
    Most people who rear children pay tax and national insurance at the same time.

  • stuart says:

    Alice quite frankly does not have a clue and really should have learnt to keep its opinions to itself.

    when it ever takes time out to listen rather tha judge and accept the serious fraud and deceptive tactics of the CSA it may have its eyes opened, Untill then it deserves all the abuse thrown its way.

  • Chris says:

    no parent deserves to be plunged into poverty … when the answer is simple .. yes kids need paying for but not at the expense of ruining the life of the absent parent .. the system will only change once people says enough is enough .after all they can stick us all in prison and take away our licences .. which they love to threaten us with if we give up our jobs … rule of science is if you are sat in a sinking boat it is not going to take long before it goes under ..which is how my life feels at moment … they may be winning at moment with there attactment of orders .. but it wont last … I am about to take that privledge from them and put all my stuff in storage so the bailiffs dont get anything .. as for my bank account who needs one ..I will deal in cash only … STUFF THE CSA YOUR A WASTE OF SPACE

  • Chris says:

    Your quite right scott .. csa are a total shambles and a disgrace … all they are interested in is extorting money in any way they can to bolster there worth to the government .. but beware CSA people are fighting back .. more and more are choosing self employment because it removes the attachment orders and also future employers are NOT KEEN to employ anyone with orders against them because they too find it a pain dealing with the CSA and the threats that if they dont deduct wages they can be fined thousands … and be commiting a offence .. MAKE SURE IF YOU GO FOR A JOB YOUR TRUTHFUL AND TELL THEM YOU HAVE AN A.O.E . no job is not nice but at least you were being truuthful on your interview and all the dole will give them is £5 per child …

  • Scott says:

    The CSA have told Rossendales to now accept £100 p/m for arrears
    I had Nottingham Welfare Rights involved who were a great help
    If anyone has hassle from the bailiffs concerning Arrears do what i did and tell the bailiff straight that he will never get access to your property and start paying a set amount that you can afford on the same date every month, eventually the csa will have to accept it as they cant take you to court if it gets sent back as a nulla bona by the debt collectors due to you paying something off the arrears.

  • Chris says:

    I have a reasonable job .. dont pay a fortune but has always paid my bills ..now csa deduct £104per week via attachment of earnings I am quickly sinking financially ..am going into debt with people i have always paid on time .. my bank account has £2 left in it to feed me pay my electric and fuel for work .. cant be done its impossible .. I feel helpless and dont know what to do … asked csa to lower my figure but they wont .. I am in a sinking boat and know i will lose all i have worked for in weeks … I really can see myself being jobless ..homeless no money and end up in some cardboard box somewhere living lkike a tramp .. I dont understand how the government can allow this to happen not only to me but to anybody …. Am i best to leave country now while i have chance and start again ,.. or would a self employed job give me breathing space for a few months ..if i leave my job i cant claim anything as i left of my own accord ..all i want is my money lowered so i can live but CSA dont care yet they will end up with nothing if i leave my job dont inderstand the logic I am sorry … has the world gone mad

  • paul says:

    I have come to the conclusion that anyone who works for the CSA has a serious brain cell problem … lets face it most of them are irish so not a good start … thick as shit ….. the women sound like blokes as well …. MAYBE THE IRA will do us a favour and blow the stupid arseholes up and their computer … or maybe Hitler could come back and stick them all in concentration camps and gas the idiots … you wont hurt them though as you need a heart to hurt … so just gas em … put some people in who actually have a brain and heart ..

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