CSA came round to my house on a Saturday

May 19, 2011

I am in a right state over the bloody csa’s Shoddy professionalism. I started work in November 2010. part time, doing 18-30 hours per week. I informed the CSA straight away, they told me to get a couple of wage slips and my contract and send those in.

So due to me being paid 4 weekly, a couple of months or so went by and I sent in the wage slips and contract as I was told to with a letter explaining that i wanted a calculation to be made. and to start making payments.

I heard nothing by mid febuary 2011 so I rang them up and explained my situation. to find out what was happening.

They explained that because I was not just doing the 18 hours a week that was in my contract, because i was doing over time they wished to gain more information, and that they had contacted my employer directly….a little miffed but fair enough i supposed. I made a payment over the phone to take the pressure off and I felt a hell of a lot better.

So……….Mid April. 2011..I rang them again…started to feel the pressure again to be honest…and I was just palmed off with some lame excuse that they were still waiting to hear from my employer.
by now i was starting to get annoyed and was begining to wonder all sorts like had my ex remarried, adoption, blah, blah, etc. etc.

So yesterday. Friday the flippin’ 13th of May2011!! I rang again!! they said…”oh yes your employer sent us the information at the end of April, but i can’t give you any information, you’ll have to speak with your case worker. i’ll send her an Email and you should get a response within 48 hours” ….ok thought…Grrrrrrr!!

Then this morning…Saturday morning…doing my house work and what have you…when there was a knock at the door….Child Support Enforcement Agency Representitive!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! I have not had any letters from the CSA what so ever!!! …So she going to try and sort it and ring me on Monday …..and well….I go on holiday to thailand in a weeks time so if they try to strangle me…. I WONT BLOODY COME BACK!!….the story continues!!!

Anyone fancy renting my flat! lol


  • lisa says:

    somebody please tell me how a woman can cause so much upset and grief for an absent father who hasn’t chosen to be absent, he was abandoned, well i’ll tell you, it all started when the woman in question said she was 6 weeks pregnant in the september and had the baby in the july the following year we all know that women only carry a baby for 9 months but 10 lunar months but she carried for 11 months and baby was early, so is this entrapment i ask you? he stayed with the woman in question so that he was doing the right thing and didn’t want to be a part time dad this went on for 4 yrs, they eventually split up 6 yrs ago and he has been hounded ever since, by the woman in question and the csa, he has offered the woman £100 a month as a private agreement and not to involve the csa and she says NO i want the csa “even if the csa take £100 a month and i only see £5 of it then i’m happy that you’ve lost out on £95 that month”. the man has pleaded with her and she still refuses to budge, she has also stopped contact since july 2010, so why should the man have to pay for a child that he doesn’t get to see, all the woman is interested in is the money, not the childs welfare or welbeing. who gave the woman the god given right to play with peoples feelings like this, she depriving her daughter from seeing her dad and vice versa why do woman do this. i am a woman and i would never play god with my childs life and i think the dad should be allowed to have contact with his daughter and that the dad should have more rights, the woman has even changed the childs surname to her currany boyfriends surname without the fathers permission is that right?

  • mary says:

    Firstly don’t pay anything over the phone again. Get them to send you everything out in writing. If they want more money of you then they have to do new assessments. Is you ex working you hav’nt said. Write a letter to the COMPLAINTS DEPT and don’t speak anymore to the enforcement team. Only speak to the complaints team. Sounds as though you are playing into their hands. Did you know that from April 2010 the PWCs keep all the money. Get a grip man would you pay a stranger in the street money because he asks you for it. Yes you have maintenance to pay but you need it in black and white. And by the way overtime is not guaranteed. So if they do a new assessment based on your overtime ask them why it is not guaranteed. And if they do make sure you get in touch with them to reduce you payments again when your overtime stops.

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