CSA called me a slapper

October 28, 2011

My daughter was born in 1999, her father has paid excatly £77.08 in her 12 years on this planet….. fast forward to 3/10/10 and a letter saying I should be recieveing £40 a week….great I thought……..yeah until I met the “liars” that are the CSA employes….. Nov 10 I recieve a letter saying my ex is disputing paternity (now this is just a staling tactic as its hurt his pride I am not scared of him anymore) and wants a DNA test as 5 other men could be her dad…

Never once did the CSA ask him to produce names so they could be DNA tested but they happily sent me a letter infering I was a “slag”…..DNA came and went and the test proved on a probability of 36 billion or so that she WAS his daughter…………. since then the CSA have gone after him for their DNA money and screwd my daughter over, she isnt a prioroity ive been infomred this morning, the case has been with legal enforcement for just over a year……….my daughter is under the DR because she cannot believe her “doner” has done this to her and i am now on anti-depressents due to the stress this is causing…. ive no idea what to do anymore.


  • Mick says:

    Step up your claim to the complaints department of the CSA. You are obviously getting no joy from the case officer you are dealing with currently. A couple of things you could try to get things moving apart from what i suggested above. Take legal advice if you are eligible for legal aid and if need be pursue your childs father through the courts yourself. If thats isnt an option try the child maintenance options website, they are nothing to do with the CSA. They give impartial confidential advice and can be contacted via a free phone number. Either that or the citizens advice bureaux. I am a NRP and i have only just finished paying my lot to the CSA. One thing i hate more than anything is seeing a NRP doing his utmost to NOT pay for his child/kids. I did and so should he! Hope this helps you!

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