CSA calculator says we owe more than we can afford

September 18, 2012

My partner pays £160 a month maintenance to his ex for their son. This figure is correct according to the CSA calculator based on his basic wage.

She is now threatening to take him through the CSA for more money. My partner has worked a lot of overtime recently, will the CSA use this overtime to calculate an average wage?

If this is the case then his ex would get around £280 a month through the CSA – a figure we simply cannot afford with all our other outgoings, esp if my partner was to receive just his basic pay (overtime isn’t guaranteed, there just happens to of been lots this year which he has taken in order to treat his children to days out etc).

The CSA seems to me to penalise the NRP even when they are financially supporting their child. It helps the PWC cripple the NRC with the child’s interests not even considered. Makes me sick!


  • Gonk says:

    Sadly this is typical of this filth called the csa….it will assess you on just the odd overtime here and there and screw you for more money.There not here for the welfare of the kids only the welfare of the treasury.
    And yes…to cripple an honest hard working NRP …..they are vermin as far as I’m concerned are are in NO WAY concerned about the kids interest…..lol…they are wankers….be happy despite what they rob from you and you are lucky…..they rob over £300 a month from me for 1 child….the scumbags even use my car allowance to assess me…..car money that’s given to me by the company in order for me to run and maintain a reliable car in order to do to get to my place of work each day so this filth can rob me each month.the csa is a fucking unfair,unjust joke that hounds hard working fathers for greedy mothers

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