CSA calculation will force me to go bankrupt

April 7, 2017

I have just been informed by my ex that my CSA was due on 1 April but I have not received any information. He states I will be paying 500 a month which will mean I will have to sell the house and now go bankrupt so I can pay this as I have had commitments for the past ten years and he has decided to do this now. It’s calculated on gross pay which is what I don’t get anyway- I pay over 1000 per month deductions to tax andNI – so paying out and calculated on monies that I don’t get anyway Also he earns 350 per day when he works 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off- how come I have to pay so much now after 10 years and he earns three times as much as I do- I pay monies direct to my son so he can have nice things for him and now I can’t do this.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    CSA or CMS? How many children are you having to pay for? Use the on-line calculator, see CMS Options, and your gross salary from your last P60 and you can check what the figure will be

  • Nurse Tracy says:

    Thank you peter
    I have one to pay for
    Did u say CSA no longer now ? And it’s CMS ?
    Just had missed call and they have to re do all the case because I have never received letter as they sent to an address from 8 years ago
    But still will be paying around the 500 month mark for a few years due to income. Just really sad that my boy won’t be getting nice extra things like he did lap tops , monies on his go Henry card etc

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