CSA bully me on the phone

November 12, 2009

Im writing this complaint as im fed up with the way staff from the CSA ring you up and bully you on the phone, I know they have a job to do and a hard one, but im sure if you spoke to people with a bit more respect this may make there job a bit easyer!

A lady called me from fineance department the other week and was so rude and diffacult with me, i was shocked that this one person is ok to speak to and deal with peopl this way, I was very concerned in the way she played the bullying card on me..

she started to threaten me in such a manner i was getting up set i just feel that this person shoulod be pulled to one side and to reminde her that we are all humans and not trash for people like her to talk to us in that way!

i would like this to made as a afficial complaint, as im am aware you do record all phone calls!!!


  • chall says:

    You should make an official complaint alan. Agency employees do have a code of conduct to abide by.

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  • David says:

    I know how you feel. 99% of them talk to you like you’re not human. They are allowed to talk how they want; make it up as they go along and most of all, just ignore you when they feel like it. Is this legal? Would any other service act like this? They have got a reputation and its nobodies fault but their own. There needs to be a change in culture, but most of all, the system needs to change. How about them having a client list so opnly one person deals with your claim, not anyone and everyone, no wonder things get confusing for them. Rocket science, I think not.

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