CSA Bullies & MP Who Fights my Corner

March 31, 2012

Before I start ranting, I want it to be known that I have no problem in paying for my child (the fact his mother spends the money on designer wear, is a different matter).

I recently have come to an arrangement with the CSA over payments and arrears, which they say I owe – which incidentally they were the cause of, by taking 6 months to re-assess me once I had moved jobs!

In the last 2 months, my Local MP and IDS had gotten the CSA to review their actions, agree a new arrangement and get this the CSA have paid me £25 compensation! However, last week, I received another letter from the CSA saying that they had received information that my circumstances had changed and I was being re-assessed!

I rang them and they informed me that they had received this information, but were not allowed to tell me what the information was or how they had come about it or who had told them.

The fact is, due to my personal financial circumstances my financial situation WILL NOT change for quite sometime. I must have told them this half a dozen times in 2 calls, but would they listen – would the hell!!

So, it can only be my ex, who is being childish again and getting them to investigate me. I explained to the CSA that I was re-assessed a matter of 8 weeks ago, but this doesn’t matter to them……once they have fresh information they investigate. Now here is my annoyance with the CSA, rather than investigate me again, why not investigate or go after those parents who avoid the CSA, not the parents who are law abiding, who want to pay for their children???

I have therefore been in contact with my MP again and he is taking up my case once again directly on my behalf with the CSA.

So, if you are like me having trouble with the CSA, take the following steps:

1 – Contact your MP and place the matter in their hands.
2 – Do not leave it more than 1-2 weeks before you chase your MP for a reply.
3 – Document all conversations, take names, numbers and extensions.
4 – Tell your MP of the problems you are having.
5 – Argue the fact with your MP that the CSA are incompetent BULLIES and that the CSA needs scrapping and replacing with e fairer system.
6 – The system should take into account BOTH Parents income and not just the absent parent.

The fact is, more the MP’s have to have contact with the CSA the more likely it is to be reformed, removed and made fair!

I have every confidence in my MP getting a result and I thank him for his efforts. But the fact is the CSA are BULLIES who read from script in most cases, with little or no compassion and will always pursue those who cooperate or are less likely to argue.

I will update once, I have received a satisfactory outcome!


  • Carol says:

    I spoke with the CSA on Friday who advised that they will only re-assess/look into a case when information is provided by either the NRP or PWC so looks as though your ex wife has been in contact with them.

    We also have our MP involved. It is disgusting what you have to do to get this Agency to listen.

    It needs scrapped altogether and the powers handed back to the Courts, that way they look at affordability of both parents before calculating maintenance.

    Good luck with your next fight

  • John says:

    Having had nearly 13 years experience of dealing with this lot, a word of advice.

    My M.P. was involved in my case. I trusted him and he had some success. However, later down the line, I found that he was colluding with the CSA and other associated complaints bodies. He washed his hands of my case, allowing the CSA to stitch me up with thousands in arrears. It appears that he was warned off assisting me and then hid behind ‘parliamentary protocol’.

    I’ve done 1 to 6 and written to all the party leaders and IDS. They don’t want to know. They don’t reply!

    My way of dealing with this now is to spoil ballot papers, chase political/council people down the drive when they ask for my help. Some may call it civil disobedience, I call it ‘reaping what they have sewn’. You treat decent people like scum and screw them over, and then they ask for your help. Help them? I don’t think so!

  • Pamela says:

    Hey John, I am right behind you there as far as the MP’s are concerned. Thankfully my MP is being really supportive. As the elections are just round the corner it’s time to start putting pressure on them about the CSA.

    As for NRP mine is one of the worst and you are right, they do hound those like you who do pay and don’t seem to have the resources or power to do what they are supposed to do. They constantly as me if I can give them anymore information about my ex – it’s incredible.

    Good luck with your fight – we need to be making these situations more aware to the public. The CSA is not a fair system to either PWC or NRP.

  • John says:

    Thanks Pamela and good luck with you case!

    What happens between parents regarding their children has absolutley nothing to do with a quango staffed by incompetent oafs.

    If you make complaints about them they call this civil disobedience and they attempt to criminalise those involved in this shambles.However, if your’e a civil servant or an M.P. stealing money from the taxpayer via expenses, then thats a mistake.

    It’s one for them and different rules for us! They are the scum not us!

  • ELJ says:

    Good luck with your fight my MP has been helping me for over a month and I cannot argue the results! hey is really putting the best foot forward.

    Right now from my experience the system needs to be changed to make things just it is a complete farse.

  • Michael says:


    I’m a low ranking civil servant and I can assure you civil servants in the department where I work do not steal money from expenses. If for example, we go away on a course and have to book accommodation, we have to pay for it and then claim it back, showing receipts.

    My youngest brother is being assessed on the “old” csa system. Out of his £1800 per month net salary, £897 to the CSA for 2 children. With a £500 per month mortgage to pay, it doesn’t leave him with much to live on and pay bills.

    He has told me time and time again that the csa staff are cold and unsympathetic. If he was on the “newer” csa scheme, he’d be paying about £450 per month to the csa. The money he pays doesn’t got to his ex wife for the children’s upkeep, it goes to government coffers, whilst his ex claims benefit.

    I feel sorry for parents who are faced with the burden of not being able to move to the newer review system, it just doesn’t seem fair. The whole scheme seems bureaucratic and not fit for purpose, whilst MPs don’t seem to want to put their head above the parapet and instigate changes.

    What’s just as bad, is that my brother’s ex-wife knows, his deductions don’t go to her, but is content to see him suffer.

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