CSA Bolton Change of Circumstances

August 15, 2011

In March 2010 the CSA started to take out nearly 50% of my salary direct from employer. The reason was because my ex stated i had not been paying since Dec 2009. I eventually proved to CSA that i had been making monthly payments via standing order of more than the legal requirement. The CSA refunded the money and set up a new schedule through my employer. So i have made all payments that were scheduled up until this point.

I am the NRP. I moved in with new partner in Feb 2010, who has 2 children. At the same time 1 of my 2 children moved in with me.

I raised a change of circumstance with CSA at the same time. The 1st 12 weeks passed and they didnt even allocate a case worker, so they reset the clock for a further 12 weeks. I had to escalate the case through them and quality and it now resides with finance.

Today i eventually spoke to the finance case worker only to be told that i am in arrears of over £1000 !!! The reason is because they have no evidence that had made payments between Dec 2009 and March 2010, even though i had already provided this evidence back in March 2010. To top it all, the case worker told me that i had to pay the arrears by the end of the day ! They seem to have no record of the original history of my case and the proof i had to display to get the original refund.

They called my ex who told a complete lie about the 2009/2010 payments.

So i was expecting them to give me a refund the overpayments i have been making for the past 6 months, only to be threatened with a false arrears claim.

What the hell can i do !!


  • eric mcilroy says:

    in reply to csa bolton change of circumstances. mate, you need to seek legal advice and take the csa thieving bastards to court!!

  • steve a says:

    its a joke,im in same boat,daughter dropped out of college but i still need to pay for 3 months till they sort it.

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