CSA blunder after blunder

May 20, 2011

I divorced my ex wife in Feb 2010, she went running straight to the CSA as most do. From that moment they were completely incompetent.

They messed about for months and then just sent me a large bill, then they deducted the money from my wage and same amount from my bank account in the same month (March) it took me til Auguct to get one of the payments back. They also sent the refund to a girl called Donna with her giro cheques, and she kindly passed them onto me.

I telephoned the CSA to enquire how or what I could reduce my CSA payments. The Lady on the phone told me that I could claim 14p per mile when I collect my boy’s. At this time it was only an enquiry, she then phoned my ex to tell her who then rang me and screamed holy blue murder down the phone at me. Where is my confidentiality ??

Now the biggest blunder of all on friday 13th the CSA phoned me and told me they had not removed a variation i had on my payments (it was when i was paying the mortgage whilst she & the kids lived in the marital home) Sept 2010 They say i owe my ex £1000 + and they want it in a lump sum….. It was them who cocked up why should I have to pay for the blunder and in one lump sum ???

They are totally incompetentant …!!


  • John says:

    I have had 11 years of crap from these incompetent oafs.

    Complain and keep complaining. Go to the top, because this lot will cover up everything and lie through their teeth. Don’t believe anything they say or do!

  • KMcQ80 says:

    James,PLEASE,please,please go to your local media with this story and any paperwork.
    The sooner this lot of public sector jobworths are exposed the better.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    You need to get your story written down and go see your MP.

    Also come join us on CsaHellHelp on Facebook and you’ll get a lot more advice.

  • lorraine dyer says:

    the whole system is a joke,ive gone to my local mp…my partner pays a horrendus amount yet i get nothing…im owed £41.000!
    we dont mind paying as they are his children yet how come my ex husband can ie,hide,move ect and get away with it?
    some1 please exsplain this to me??

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