CSA believes my ex about nights I see my son

May 9, 2011

I have a 10 year old son who i have 2 nights a week. I am making payments through the csa. I recentley had a payment calculation change but they only took into account my son staying 1 night a week as this is what my ex wife as told them. I sent in dates that i had my son but it fell on deaf ears as they said because my son lived with my ex wife they believed her.

I am disgusted in this but like many other fathers i am unable to afford to do anything about it.


  • simon says:

    i know how you feel and put simply there is nothing you can do about it ,i had the same situation even getting my neighbor to send a letter and he is a dci they will always beleive the mother no matter what , the only way round is take a pic of your child daily with that days paper , collate them copy and send them it may work , and no apparently she is not committing fraud by lying work that one out .lying for financial gain from another not sure how that is not fraud .also when and if by some miracle they do beleive you dont hope for any money back. my so called case worker called my ex to confirm what she was saying upon my request and came back to me saying god what a bitch you are screwed . you gotta love british justice eh

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